Advantages of the digital book for a marketing manager

Equip DigitalMakers 21 June, 2019 3 minutes of reading
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In this article we will explain the advantages we believe that you are interested in working with a digital book if you are responsible for marketing and communication.

At DigitalMakers we are adept at the ebook or e-book for several reasons that we are expounding in this article and that will make your life (and work) easier!

Continue reading to discover the main advantages of the ebook and tell us if you already use it!


1. Easy and fast access

The first advantage of the ebook or digital book is that at any time, from the home sofa, the office, from the beach, etc. You have immediate access to knowledge..

In other words, you can connect to the Amazon Kindle (or other e-book or digital bookmarks) through your mobile or tablet and check the book you want, wherever and whenever you want..

What previously seemed unimaginable, now you have it at the fingertips: access to almost any book written in the world, in any country and in any editorial.


2. Samples to finish deciding

From DigitalMakers we are convinced that the value content must be paid, and the books are no less.

But sometimes it happens that you buy a book and when you have read or browse it, you see that it is not what you expected.

To solve it and to see if that book is what you are looking for or not, the digital book allows you to download the sample.

Apart from seeing the cover, author, review, and other basic information, the sample of the content will allow you to see if it is really what you are looking for or if you have to continue looking for a more appropriate content.

Sometimes, the sample includes the prologue, the first or the second chapter, and thanks to this, check if you are what you expected or not.

If so, you can buy the digital book and save it to your device.

If it's not what you were looking for, you've saved time and money.

Just keep looking!


3. Read fluently in other languages

Typical of the marketing world. Many of the books you need are not in your language.

Surely you find them in English, right?

This is where another advantage of the digital book comes in.

If you master English but are not native, the e-book will help you to solve the possible doubts that ariseduring your reading.

If you find a word that you do not know, just by clicking on it, you will see the definition, and this will make you read in a much more fluid way.

Easy peasy, right?


4. The underlined

If you're like us, you really like to emphasize and save phrases or paragraphs that are highlighted so it's easier to retrieve them to view them, share them, read them again ...

With the Kindle or other electronic books, you can emphasize the content that interests you, but in addition, these featured fragments are stored in a "featured" file that is common to all your books.

Therefore, the Kindle generates a single file where you save your underlays and classifies them by book and page where it is.

It's as if you had read the thought, right?

All the material you need, grouped in one place.


5. The size does matter

No, we are not referring to the size you are thinking ...

We are referring to the small size that has an ebook or a digital book.

And in addition to being environmentally friendly, avoiding the printed paper, an ebook allows you to store lots of books (whatever they are) within the device where you have it installed.

Easy to transport, to manage, to consult... All are advantages!


Goodbye to romanticism

At DigitalMakers we have only found a disadvantage for the e-book.

The fact of not having a book on paper makes the reading experience a bit less "romantic."

We all like the smell of a new book, to go through the pages, to sit on the sofa to read a good book with a coffee in hand ...

But we also believe that you can separate between what you read for work and what you read for fun.

You do not have to throw away all of your physical books in junk,but if we can make your life easier with your digital marketing book,, we are happy!

These are some of the reasons why DigitalMakers believe that it is very beneficial to use electronic books.

Because as a marketing manager you will value:
  • Ease of access to electronic book information
  • The samples of the text before finishing deciding
  • the fact that you can read in another language in a more fluid way
  • the ebook's sustainability and ease of transport
  • and the option of underlining and storing fragments.

And you, what do you think of the electronic book?

Do you use it for work or for your leisure time? Do you prefer a brand than another?

Tell us about the comments and subscribe to our blog if you want to receive articles that are relevant to your day to day!

We are waiting for you!

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