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Buyer person or ideal client profile?

If you are reading this article, it is probably because you consider that the Inbound Marketing is the path that your company must follow to increase...

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What is the Ideal Client Profile?

In this article we will explain the concept and advantages of defining your Customer Profile.

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What is the Buyer Persona

In this article we tell you the value of knowing who the buyer is in your business and, in addition, we will help you to define it.

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Migration from Wordpress to Hubspot


Linke's success story

In this article we will explain in detail how in DigitalMakers we accompany one of our clients in the process of migrating all...

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How to get images for you marketing material


As a marketing manager, I'm sure you've found that you need to get images for your marketing material, but you have not found the right picture.

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7 advantages of the outsourcing of your marketing department


What is outsourcing or outsourcing?

There are multiple advantages in the outsourcing of the marketing department of a company, which is "a business...

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Advantages of the digital book for a marketing manager

In this article we will explain the advantages we believe that you are interested in working with a digital book if you are responsible for marketing...

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Three keys to an effective AdWords campaign

In this article, we give you the three indispensable keys when creating an Adwords campaign that is effective and profitable.

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5 tools to generate business in WordPress

In this article we tell you the 5 tools that you can not miss if your companyworks with Wordpress.

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Benefits of the dynamic mail signature

In this second entry of the series on dynamic signatures of the DigitalMakers blog we tell you all the benefits that the dynamic signature has in your...

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