Articles that based on the experience of DigitalMakers, help SMEs in their processes of Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing and Web Development

How to send bulk emails: good and bad

Historically some of our clients have or have had the doubt of how to send emails to their contacts in bulk, so we have decided to generate an article...

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What is the buyer journey?

From DigitalMakers we have mentioned several times the importance of two concepts within Inbound Marketing, the buyer persona and the buyer's journey.


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Advantages of Growth-Driven Design with Hubspot

In this article we will explain why the web design business trend is moving towards Growth-Driven Design and because it's worth accompanying with...

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4 keys to organizing a company event

Every year all kinds of companies plan to hold several annual events to publicize their products and services to the market. Sometimes, for start-ups...

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6 steps to plan your marketing strategy for Christmas

As a marketing manager and, especially, if your company has an online store, you know that the Christmas campaign is one of the moments with the...

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What is it and how can digital analytics help you in your company's strategy?

You've probably heard more than once and twice about digital analytics and you may hear concepts like dashboards, kpi's, metrics, page views, bounce...

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WhatsApp Business as a communication tool for companies

As a marketing manager, you know that you should never dismiss any communication tool with the client and less if it helps you convert the sales...

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How to share with value the content of your business in the social networks

One of the most efficient ways to sell your products or services is to share your news with your customers. In order to give all the value we can to...

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26 rules to increase the SEO traffic of your corporate website

In this article we want to show you some tips to help your marketing department improve the positioning of your website and increase the SEO traffic of...

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Tools to edit video marketing in an effective, fast and free way

In a previous article we explained how you could make a video from your marketing department without the need for large resources but obtaining some...

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