DigitalMakers is Official Gold Partner Agency of Hubspot in Barcelona

Pasqual Flores 26 October, 2020 2 minutes of reading
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This is an article of thanks to all our customers.

Especially to their commercial and marketing managers who have trusted DigitalMakers to accompany them in their digital growth processes.

Thanks to all of them, DigitalMakers has become a Hubspot Gold Partner Agency.

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Without a doubt, this milestone places DigitalMakers among the large agencies oriented to accompany their clients in the Growth processes.

Thanks to this recognition, we are already a reference agency in the Hubspot partner directory.


How does DigitalMakers be a Hubspot Gold agency impact our clients?

Being a Hubspot Gold agency is a seal of quality.

It means that DigitalMakers has a solid and proven experience in accompanying and implementing Growth processes in companies via one of the top CRMs on the market: Hubspot.

DigitalMakers has specialized in Sales, Marketing and CMS modules.

DigitalMakers has all relevant Hubspot certifications. Certifications that are periodically renewed to ensure that the expert knowledge of our human team is constantly evolving, adapting to the VUCA environment (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) that surrounds us.


Commercial Direction

With the different commercial divisions, we have focused on increasing their sales volume. 


Understanding your objectives, sales processes and your organizational structure. From that point on, recommending the best good practices in each case. Some of the aspects worked are:

  • Create or review a centralized contact database.
  • Implement or review sales pipelines.
  • Centralize all business phases in a single tool (prospecting, opportunity management, renewals)
  • Centralize all business productivity on a single platform (emails, calls, tasks)
  • Review processes, identifying patterns, automating to finally spend more time selling and less time on administrative tasks
  • Organize all the documentation that customers interact with in a single repository.
  • Improve the user experience of your clients, implementing much more fluid communication channels and speeds, such as booking meetings for a demonstration or a first qualification session.
  • Improve sales closing processes, with contract systems with electronic signature or electronic payment options.
  • Align marketing and operations teams with sales.
  • Integrate the different tools of your ecosystem with Hubspot (BrightTalk, Sopro, Linkedin Sales Navigator, Canvas, etc.) eliminating crafts, creating a single source of truth.
  • Since Hubspot is constantly recording information (salesperson activity, customer activity, opportunity management, etc.), this fact allows it to generate high-value, centralized Reporting, with historical and forecast capacity, with the ability to drill. down. Everything automatically in real time.

Marketing direction

With the different marketing directions, we have focused on maximizing the number of New opportunities obtained and on rescuing all those where time has been spent but did not close.

We talk about opportunities, qualified and inbound models, we say opportunities that already know what they are requesting and that they are willing to buy.

Thanks to good tuning and alignment, these opportunities are referred to the sales team.


Understanding about Objectives, add digital ecosystem (Own mitjans, earned and paid), and its current processes of interaction and obtaining data from customers. From that point on, recommending the best good practices in each case. Some of the working aspects are:

  • Chatbot
  • Contact segmentation, to hyper-personalize communications
  • Centralized management of paid ads
  • Centralized mailings management
  • Centralized management of socialmedia
  • Centralized management of landings, blog and corporate website
  • SEO Review and Improvement, for example identifying the top most visited pages and Updating interaction points such as forms and call-to-action (CTA)
  • And all the previous points under the umbrella of the bell concept, where in an easy and intuitive way, we see the impact of all the efforts described and translated into: Number of sessions obtained, Number of new contacts, Number of contacts influenced, Number of businesses closed and the volume of business generation.
  • Align marketing teams, objectives and processes with sales
    Reporting of great value, always with an end-to-end approach, from efforts to generate value content, Dissemination of the same and the economic impact in this regard.


DigitalMakers Gold Partner Hubspot Agency

We cannot emphasize the THANK YOU to all our clients.

It is a pleasure to review the reporting and confirm how the day-to-day efforts are reflected in the Growth of our clients.

And you? What are you waiting for?

Book a session with us now, we will be happy to listen to you and advise you and if you leave us, accompany you.

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