SoPro integration with Hubspot. Commercial prospecting.

Oriol Escofet 23 December, 2020 2 minutes of reading
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One of the most important virtues of Hubspot is the integrations. In this article we will explain one of the integrations that we are working successfully with our clients, that of SoPro with Hubspot.

As you well know, one of the key aspects from a commercial point of view to grow your business is prospecting. On many occasions, finding new contacts is not an easy task, that these contacts are also of quality, fit your buyer persona and can end up being clients is even more complicated.

Let's imagine that to help you in this difficult task, you have hired prospecting software to help you take these first steps when looking for new prospects, such as SoPro. With this tool you will be able to contact your prospects, listen to them, understand their problem and assess how you can help them to end up getting meetings that can lead to the acquisition of new clients.

Great, you have the HubSpot CRM on one side and SoPro on the other. You are satisfied with this step and you start working ... but you ask yourself the question; Can I manage it all together? Is it worth integrating?

We answer, YES, a very big yes.

Do you need us to help you with your SoPro integration with Hubspot?

What are the benefits of integrating SoPro with Hubspot?

  • Centralize the data: The first point is self-explanatory and you will surely have come across it if you have several systems to manage data. The data is "scattered", you have to export, import, in the process data is lost and when you are finally finished it turns out that the numbers do not add up ... in short, a headache. That the data is integrated automatically saves you work, problems and annoyances.
  • Free and fast: SoPro integration with Hubspot is free and fast to do, it is only necessary to make the connection and configure both the properties and the Pipeline to Hubspot, and apply the corresponding equivalences.
  • Contacts and companies import in real time to Hubspot: All contacts and companies that are contacted from your SoPro campaign are imported instantly into Hubspot, which allows you to monitor the campaign and create a powerful database of prospects.
    In addition, the fact of having all this data in Hubspot, allows you to benefit from the integration of Linkedin Sales Navigator and the Hubspot Insights database to complete the information of both contacts and companies.

  • Automatically create Deals in your Pipeline stage: When your Hubspot sequences get responses, the integration automatically creates the deals in the pipeline stage that you have configured in the CRM. This allows you to gain agility and helps you to have a complete vision of how the businesses from SoPro are moving.

  • Deals are automatically assigned to the owner: This fact allows you to automate notices and follow-up tasks by the contact owner, so that no response is never left unfollowed.

Monitoring report

When you launch a campaign in a tool like SoPro, you will surely ask yourself a series of questions, such as; How many contacts am I generating? What position do these people have? How many different companies am I impacting? What countries are they from? What sector do they belong to? Who is answering me? What are they telling me? How does the generated business evolve?

Having all the data in Hubspot gives you the option to create a campaign monitoring dashboard that allows you, at a glance, to answer all these questions and what we believe is most important, allows you to make decisions. For example, are we hitting the correct charges? Are we targeting the right countries or sectors? Is the text we send working? Is it necessary to improve it?

Do you need us to help you with your SoPro integration with Hubspot?

In short, as we always tell you, it is very good to be able to centralize all your tools in the same point, it facilitates your day-to-day management and will save you hours of going from one place to another. One of HubSpot's strong points is precisely these integrations, such as with Google Workspace, Brighttalk, Sales Navigator and many others.

If you are interested with this SoPro integration or with any other, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to help you.

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