10 processes that you should automate in your E-Commerce

Pasqual Flores 25 November, 2020 1 minutes of reading
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Automating the processes in your e-commerce is key to providing excellent service to customers and reaching your billing goals.

Here are 10 processes that you should automate:

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  1. Generate lists of products seen by the customer and inform them automatically, for example every time one of those products drops in price.
  2. Generate lists of purchased products and identify recurrences. Then, for example, every two months send a reminder or offers about it.
  3. Build loyal customer lists. For example, those who have bought more than 3 times amounts greater than € 100. Loyal customers must be taken care of, we must send them special offers.
  4. Generate contact lists still in the pre-sale stage, that is, those who have not yet purchased but have already downloaded a pdf or have subscribed to the blog.
  5. Welcome workflow for when they make the first purchase and become customers.
  6. Abandoned cart reminder to inform the registered customer of their carts not completed.
  7. Generate a list with abandoned carts with high amounts. For example amounts over € 1000. These must be recovered. We can send them a standard reminder mail first, then a free shipping offer, then a special offer, etc. until the sale is consumed.
  8. "Re-engagement" workflow. For example, generate a list with those contacts who have not bought for more than 6 months. They are dead, we must cause them to buy again.
  9. "Replenishment" workflow. That is, when we estimate that the product is about to be consumed or expire.
  10. Cross-selling or upselling workflow. For example, he has bought a shirt, let's offer him some trainers.

Do you want to discuss your situation with an e-commerce consultant?

All these automatisms, once implemented, create recurring and qualified traffic in our e-commerce. In this way, we offer a better service to our clients and increase the volume of sales.



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