How to create a perfect corporate website?

Oriol Escofet 16 June, 2020 3 minutes of reading
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In this article we want to talk about some aspects that you must take into account when creating a perfect corporate website and give you some tips so that you can ensure that your company's page can positively impact the income statement of your business.

As you well know, the corporate website is one of the great challenges for any company when it comes to digital strategy. At the end of the day, the web is still a gateway, a place to explain who you are, what services or products you offer, generate leads, inform your buyer persona of how they can contact you, etc.

It is common for companies to have hours of reflection when choosing CMS, conceptualizing the web, ordering information, searching for the best design, etc. In fact, as we already explained, the web is a tool that is alive and requires constant iterations and improvements, always oriented in accordance with analytics, to the achievement of your objectives and to the user experience.


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Therefore, and to help you in all these "discussions" that you have surely had, at Digitalmakers we want to leave some advice on important topics that you have to think about when creating or redesigning your corporate page:

1- First impact.
As with other fields of life, the first impact is always important. The buyer person just get to the page must know immediately, in the first 2 seconds, what is the company's value proposition. Therefore putting a big phrase where you count it in a few words will help you grab his attention.

2- Appearance.
Continuing with the conditioning of first impressions and the visual impact, as is evident another important element is graphic design. That it is attractive, careful and current, are aspects that are valued and generate a halo effect on the image that the client will perceive of the company.

In other words, your objective should be that when a buyer person arrives on our website, in the first few seconds they already breathe who you are from the graphic elements and know what value proposition you have. If you get the impression to be positive, you will probably get him to spend time reading the information you present to him. And this brings us to the third point.

3- Structure.

The aspect is important to generate attraction, but we must not forget that in the end a potential future client enters your corporate website looking for information, and generally in a world as immediate and with as much information as that of the internet, users have the habit of that if we don't find it fast, we go somewhere else. Therefore the structure is vital to generate a good user experience. The content tree will depend on the company, but you can start with a basic structure similar to: The company, Our services and add a contact form. And from here customize it with everything you think is relevant. Ask yourself the question "What is my buyer person looking for?" It can help you structure in a way that adds value and generates a good experience.

4 - Content.

You have already attracted the user, you have managed to find the content and now what? Well, it is essential to offer relevant content, you have to speak to them in their language, with short texts, well explained and to be able to be supported by multimedia elements such as images and videos. A good point when generating content is to take into account the buyer journey, knowing what stage your user is in will help you offer them what they need.

5 - Interaction
If we have completed the first 4 steps, you have good options that this fifth is also achieved, which is none other than ensuring that the user has the possibility of easily linking to the company and maintaining contact with the medium that is most comfortable ( social networks - linkedin, twitter, instagram, youtube, etc-, mailing). Therefore put CTA’s, contact channels, networks, etc. It will turn an anonymous user into a person with whom you can keep in touch.


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6 - Leads.
And what are these interactions for? The basic objective is to impact the buyer persona about 10 times. Always with content of relevance to him, so that finally when the need to buy or acquire a service arises, he will keep you in mind and contact you. Using inbound strategies will help you maintain these impacts and increase the options that end up becoming customers.

Finally, finish with two more tips:


7 - Success Stories or Testimonials page.
If possible, adding a witness or success story page to your website will help improve credibility and visibility. It is a way of not only being able to explain what you do, but also to show it.


8- Google.
Organic search is one of the sources by which to get visitors. Users search Google and the search engine sends them to the web, therefore working on SEO, that is, positioning the web well to facilitate that users can find you, is one of the key topics that you should have on the table every time. to prepare new content.




And so far, we hope that these tips help you understand the elements on which to focus when working on your corporate website, as we have commented, it is a live tool of constant iteration and there will always be new points to work on, but if you are very clear about these eight, you will already have a lot done.

Finally, as we always tell you, if you think we can help you with something, you can contact us. We will be happy to answer you.

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