What is the difference between inbound and outbound marketing?

Equip DigitalMakers 18 April, 2019 2 minutes of reading
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In this article we explain the difference between outbound and inbound marketing so you can assess which is best to apply in your company. At DigitalMakers we like to explain marketing terminology because we know that it is a very innovative and constantly evolving field. As responsible for marketing and communication of your company, you may already know these terms, but sometimes it may be useful to have the concepts at hand in case you have to defend the strategy you have decided to carry out with other members of your team.

Outboundmarketing, the marketing of a lifetime

If we talk about outbound marketing, we talk about the marketing of a lifetime, the conventional one. This is the kind of publicity before where the company directed a message without "filtering" the target audience. Examples of this: the announcements of the radio, the television or the press. The outbound marketing is unidirectional and does not generate dialogue of the company with its client. With this marketing technique you have no control over who sees an ad , if you are interested, or if you later visit your website or buy your product. You are doing and expect it to work, but you have no way to measure the conversion of your marketing to improve and fine-tune who you are targeting.

The revolution of inbound marketing

In contrast, inbound marketing is the opposite, so it has come to revolutionize the world of digital marketing. And the inbound concept is not just marketing: it's a company culture and philosophy. An inboundcompany is a company that shares its knowledge and brings value to society. Your projects and/or products are in constant contact with the client (or user) final, sharing knowledge, interacting, creating dialogue, learning, contributing and constantly transforming. The main difference between outbound and inbound marketing is that the second seeks to share knowledge and is focused on obtaining ROI. Inbound marketing creates content focused on a specific buyer, so that when this customer searches for content organically or according to the characteristics that you you have previously defined, what you have created for him appears on your blog, website or ads in Google or in networks. This way of getting to you, much more natural because part of your client's need to solve a problem, makes when the potential client comes to you is a lead much more "hot" and qualified. You have not forced him to buy your product or you have bombarded him with information that does not interest him. By his own will he has come to you to solve a problem that he has and therefore is very interested in everything that you can offer him.

Other advantages ofinbound marketing

Apart from the fact that these potential customers that come to your company are leads qualified, inbound marketing allows you to establish a dialogue with your client and collect data. If you subscribe to your blog because you are interested in what you are reporting, for example, you can obtain your email address. At DigitalMakers we know that information is power, that's why we believe in inbound marketing as a primary customer acquisition strategy. If you know your client and he comes to you "on his own feet", your company will be able to impact on him by offering him the contents that he likes the most, that he needs or that solve his problem.

Therefore, at DigitalMakers we believe that inbound marketing is the first step to build trust and that a potential customer becomes a customer for forever. We want to know your opinion: what topics would you like us to talk about in the blog? Tell us in the comments and we will take them into account for future DigitalMakers publications!

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