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How to prepare a company YouTube channel to improve SEO?

Victor Garcia 14 February, 2020 2 minutes of reading
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If you are reading this article, it is probably because you have already created your own company YouTube channel or, at the very least, have any intention of doing so. In any case, the first thing we have to do to prepare a company YouTube channel is to stop to study the following topics. And I don't use the word study randomly. Really behind the successful YouTube channels there is a lot of study that often goes unnoticed giving the feeling that it is easy to succeed on YouTube.

Then I will outline in a schematic way the questions that you have to ask yourself and the answers that you have to study, as I said before, to better focus your YouTube channel project.


What keywords describe my YouTube channel?

This point is very important as it will decide the course of the channel's content. Our recommendation would be to start by brainstorming possible titles for videos that occur to you on related topics, in this way you will start thinking about how to answer the questions of your potential seers and indirectly offer valuable content.


How can I improve audience retention on my YouTube channel?

In these times it is extremely difficult to keep people's attention for more than a few seconds, so the first seconds of our videos are critical to hook whoever is watching us. Typical strategies are to promise some valuable content at the end of the video, in a nutshell to offer something in exchange for watching the entire video.

Beyond the content, one of the things that most affect audience retention is who is speaking and how is doing it. That the visible face of our channel is a real, spontaneous, transparent and charismatic person is the key to making the videos work. Time passes and the public changes, it gets bored soon, so the dynamism in this aspect is also very important.


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How can I better position my YouTube videos?

To position our YouTube videos in an optimal way we must start by studying our environment on the platform. Now that we have defined the keywords of the channel we will look for them within the same YouTube and we will review which videos have worked best. We will look at those with more visits, in their titles and thumbnails, descriptions and keywords, and we will start generating content that can relate to those videos that have already succeeded.

If you want to delve deeper into how to better position your YouTube videos I recommend the following article.


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What material do I need to start a YouTube channel?

It will sound classic but the main material needed to start a YouTube channel is the desire. Nowadays, anyone has a mobile phone capable of recording at 1080p with more than decent quality, the only thing that could be interesting to invest would be lighting and audio. 

In the following article we already reviewed the most relevant points in order to record videos for companies. 


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