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10 actions to increase sales of your ecommerce

Jordi Prat 31 January, 2020 4 minutes of reading
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In this article we will explain the 10 actions to increase the sales of your ecommerce, which, according to our experience with our customers and their online stores, have better results.


The speed of the web

If a point on the list is a must work, this is it. Recent studies indicate that 65% of consumers do not hesitate to interrupt their online purchase if, after 3 seconds, the content on the web has not finished loading. (source: Dyn)

This data may sound alarmist or unrealistic, but we can assure you that improving response time in an ecommerce has a direct effect on sales.

How can we improve response time then? Some of the mechanisms to achieve a fast upload speed include reducing the weight of images, loading asynchronously the files that make up the web and / or choosing a good hosting provider.


Web not adapted to mobile

In 2018, almost half of the first product searches were already performed using a mobile device. In an upward trend, it understands how vital it is to have your ecommerce optimized for mobile devices. Keep in mind that the mobile experience is not only about adapting the elements to a small screen, but also to optimize usability.

The fact: 48% of customers first searched for the product they purchased on mobile devices.

Hubspot statistics)


Shipping costs at the end

When analyzing the buying process of our person buyer, we must analyze what information you want to see in each step of the process and what pain points you have when making a purchase in our ecommerce. One of the most common is usually the shipping costs, especially at a current moment where the perception is that Amazon does not charge us shipping costs, it is not clear what the cost will be our delivery and therefore the final price may cause the abandonment of the purchase in the final steps.

Keep in mind that in the case of free shipping from an amount, it will be interesting to inform the user as soon as possible so that they can add more products in order to save shipping.

The fact: 43% of users add a product to the basket so that they do not have to pay the shipping costs.

(source: Etude UPS/Com Score « Pulse of the Online Shopper)


Delivery date indeterminate

Linked to the previous point and also influenced by the perception that Amazon delivers for free and in only 1 or 2 days, not informing the user of the delivery times until the end of the order can cause you a sufficient hassle for consider abandoning the purchase you are making.

The fact: 60% of abandoned baskets are related to the indirect costs involved when buying a product, which are considered too high.

(font: Prestashop)


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Products not available

We think that every user who comes to visit a product that we do not have stock is a lost sale. To avoid this we need to periodically review the purchasing behavior of the products in accordance with the frequency of purchase and the margin we need to replenish the stock.

In case you do not have the technical capacity to always keep the stock of our products, a good option is to offer an alert system for the user to register their contact and we can inform you as soon as we have the product again.


Forms too long

Too large registration forms lead to too much rejection. Always keep in mind the minimum fields required to complete the transaction and the submission, using the phrase, the less is the more.

Analyze which fields are essential and if you recommend any other field, make it optional and at the same time indicate why it is interesting for the user to complete it.

One of the cases that are not always evaluated is that of not generating an invoice. In many cases there is the possibility of processing the orders as tickets and in these cases it will not require that we ask almost any information to the user, thus improving the problem of the form.


Few payment methods

If we look at the statistics we can see that there is a lot of diversity when it comes to making payments in Spanish ecommerce. The most recent data shows that the 3 most commonly used methods are Paypal 49%, Debit / Credit Cards 42% and 5% cashback (source: Stadista)

Not having the preferred form of payment by the user causes 1 in 2 abandonment of the shopping baskets in ecommerce. 


Images too poor or too small

Given that our users will not be able to see the actual product, we must try to facilitate the perception of what the product will look like with good quality images. Issues such as color, size or details are important for the end user when deciding to bet on the purchase in our ecommerce.


404 errors in Google links

In many cases, we browse our online store and do not realize which links are showing on Google or which pages are the best positioned. Analyze the KPI’s it will help us precisely at this point.

Few things create as much rejection as a broken link when your goal is to buy a product or service. Permanently review links and redirect any broken links. If you do not have a product, it is always a way to show a related product that may be of interest to our buyer.


Do not impact on abandoned baskets

It is a recurring fear among our customers when they see their e-commerce being filled with abandoned baskets, quiet! it is usual and totally normal. Many users use shopping baskets to make a wishlist or to calculate the costs of a hypothetical purchase, even to budget for their bosses.

This does not mean that we should stop impacting them as much as possible. A good way is to offer (to users who have provided us with the data) discounts on shipping or the price of the products in their cart. In other cases, if we do not have data, we can resort to cookies and remarketing by showing our ads on the websites they visit after going through our online store.

Obviously, bringing more traffic to the web is important for selling more, but it is undeniable that providing a good experience to the visitors who visit us will help improve conversion and, even more important, loyalty to our customers.

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