Which is the best online translator for your business

Equip DigitalMakers 12 March, 2019 2 minutes of reading
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At the entrance to the DigitalMakers blog today, we tell you who is the best online translator for your business and we give you the keys to being used as a true professional.

The best translation in the shortest possible time

At DigitalMakers, we know that as a marketing manager, among many other tasks that you have to do during the day, you sometimes have to translate your company’s content or communicate with your customers in another language, possibly in English.

If we ask you what tool you use, surely you respond that Google Translate, right?

And, yes, Google Translate is the best automatic translator that exists today.

That’s why, from DigitalMakers, we want to give you some tricks so you can get the best performance when you have to use it for your company’s translations.

Why Google Translate?

We bid for this automatic translator among all those there are today for several reasons:

  1. Because it is in constant improvement and evolution, and therefore every day its translations are more close to which a professional and native human translator would make.
  2. Because variety of languages it offers. Although surely the combinations that most use your company will be those of English or French into Spanish or Catalan, you can be calm if one day you receive an email in another language.
  3. One of the best advantages of Google Translate is that you allow you to write free text on your page that you can then copy and paste, select a fragment, and even enter an entire document in various formats. Flexibility and speed!
  4. For your extras:Google Translate saves the translation history if you need it later, you can create a glossary of words you use frequently or even an entire translation that you can copy and paste later and not you will have to re-write.
  5. For contribution to the community:if you fancy, you can also participate in the community of Google Translate and help improve the tool by deciding which phrases and words sound better in your language. Sharing is living!
  6. Because you can bring it to your mobile or tablet with your app, what other online translators do not have.

The PRO recommendation of DigitalMakers

Although it is true that Google Translate is the best online automatic translator we’ve found so far, it also has its limitations.

It must be kept in mind that it is not human and that, therefore, it may sometimes misinterpret the meaning of words , ironies, metaphors and other linguistic elements that (at the moment) only humans can understand

Therefore, use Google Translate when you need, for example:

  • Understand text in general in another language
  • Write informal communications such as emails or mailings in a language that is more or less well-known
  • When you have to translate something technical. Google Translate better translates technical texts than the most literary ones.

Always check Google Translate’s translation and change what sounds strange to you.

When you need smoother translations for texts you need to post or share with your customers as contracts, ads, marketing material or any important document, we recommend that you hire the services of a translation professional.

The projects we build in DigitalMakers are targeted at buyer people in several countries and languages , so we offer a full service for our customers that includes translationsmade by professional translators and that you can hire when you need it without having to look for another provider.

The investment in professional translations, in these cases, can avoid many problems!

And you, do you know another translator that is just as good as Google Translate? We want to know what you think!

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