What is the Buyer Persona

Jordi Prat 18 July, 2019 2 minutes of reading
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In this article we tell you the value of knowing who the buyer is in your business and, in addition, we will help you to define it.

The short definition of the person buyer is:

A fictitious representation of our ideal client, the physical person.

You have to be careful about the concept because many times we find that companies do not know if they have to define the customer who is buying them or what they want to sell (it may seem the same but believe us, it is not).

In order to define the buyer person, we will have to answer questions that initially do not seem to be related to our company but that will give us an idea of how it is and that interests him.


Why do I want to know my Buyer Persona?

As a company, your goal must be the sale and therefore knowing who you want to address will help you know how to offer your products and also how to promote them. Ask yourself a simple question that will help you know if you need to do this exercise:

Who do you sell your products?

Spoiler: If your answer is similar to: "Everyone who buys me" we guarantee that you need to define your buyer person. But do not suffer! The information you have below will help you a lot :)



Ok, but how do I define my Buyer Persona?

Define who it is

With these questions we seek to put an eye on our ideal client, initially they may seem superfluous questions but they will help us to define the message and the tone.

General profile
  • Where does he work? How much does he have? How many children does he have?

Demographic information

  • How old are you?, where do you live?, when is it charged?


  • What character does it have? How do you expect to receive the information? ...

DigitalMaker's Tip:
Name and photo of your buyer helps you to streamline your session and make it fun. An easy way to get the photo is to use image banks or Google images.

Define their motivations

In order to know how to impact, we need to know that the motivator and who worries him, defining this point is vital to know if our product or service can help and how.

  • At the work level, what are your goals?
  • What challenges or problems do you find in your day to day life?
How can we help it?
  • To achieve their goals
  • To better meet their challenges


Defines the "why" of its motivations

This item complements the above questions, it will help you to define the message as well as to prepare your commercials at the same time to do business.


  • Examples of real customer comments about the goals and challenges it has.


  • Examples of arguments for which they would not buy our product or service.


Define how to communicate with him

Now that we already know a lot of information about who our buyer is, we will see how we must communicate our products or services.

Marketing message

  • How do you describe your product or service to the customer

Sales message

  • How do you sell your product or service to the customer


Challenge #askdigitalmakers


Which goal do you pursue?

The objective is to find out what kind of messages and how we can impact your concerns in order to capture your attention and finally achieve the conversion.

Think that creating a mailing, making a landing page or even doing a commercial action, is very important to think about who will read or listen to it.

A DigitalMakers ens agrada preparar les sessions de definició del Buyer Persona com un joc, fent particeps al major número d’empleats possibles que interactuen amb clients, ja que les sinergies que es produeixen entre empleats ajuden a fer molt més eficient la sessió.

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