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6 steps to plan your marketing strategy for Christmas

Silvia Fernàndez 19 December, 2019 4 minutes of reading
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As a marketing manager and, especially, if your company has an online store, you know that the Christmas campaign is one of the moments with the highest number of sales throughout the year. Although during the year there are several interesting dates to generate sales, such as Valentine's Day or Father's Day, for example, it is undeniable that Christmas is the time of gifts par excellence and we have at least two clear opportunities in which potential customers They may be interested in shopping, Christmas and Three Kings Day.

In this article we will show you the 6 essential steps to plan your marketing strategy for Christmas, so that it becomes a successful selling moment.

1. Set yourself smart goals

Before starting the campaign you have to establish what objectives you want to be met once it ends and it is important that they are smart goals, that is, that they are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and on time

A smart goal for a Christmas campaign could be to increase the sale of a particular product during the Christmas campaign by 50% compared to the rest of the year.


2. Define your buyer persona

Although it may seem that the buyer person for your Christmas campaign is the same as the rest of the year, you should think carefully if so. 

It is very possible that your company has several buyer people determined to work in marketing, but it is important that you define if your campaign is aimed at all of them or if you should focus on those that interest you more or have more chances of converting for your Christmas campaign.


3.Prepare the ideal offer according to Buyer Persona and classify your products as gifts

It is important that you think about your Buyer Persona and the products or services they may need at this festive time of the year. If you also classify your products or services as gifts, thinking who might be interested, it will be easier to design the perfect Christmas marketing strategy for your Buyer Persona. 


4. Plan your campaign with enough time

A Christmas campaign should be prepared when returning from summer vacations, if we want to have enough time for good planning. In fact, the first promotional actions should start already in November, to start generating interest in the product long before having to make the purchase decision. 

It is important to take into account the calendar and have done your planning in advance so as not to reach the Christmas season without having anything planned and having to perform the actions in a rash way and without adding value that helps to generate conversions.


5. Prepare your general marketing strategy for the Christmas season 

Your marketing strategy for the Christmas season should be well prepared and in advance (as we discussed in the previous point) and there are some strategies that you can implement to get a greater focus on sales during this time:


  • Create a landing page focused on the Christmas campaign

    A effective landing page it is a good tool to get a boost to our Christmas marketing strategy. The landing page in a Christmas campaign could especially have two objectives:
    • Lead acquisition. For example, making an exclusive offer for users who have received the newsletter.
    • Promote star products of our brand.

What is important is that in that landing page there is the call to action of purchase of the product or service on which the campaign is based or an informational form that collects a contact form (email, telephone) that you can impact later.


  • Spread your Christmas marketing campaign on your social networks

    Social networks are one of the most interesting tools in any campaign, and in a Christmas campaign even more. Monitor hashtags of Christmas interest such as #christmas2019 or #happy2020 and prepare a calendar of publications that helps spread your Christmas campaign on the networks that your company uses, which should be the ones you really need. If you are interested, you have more information on what networks your company should be in an earlier article in our blog.


  • Spread your Christmas marketing campaign on your blog

Just as social networks are important, it is also important to include your campaign as a content post within your company blog. It is important that it is a valuable content, which provides the user with more useful information about the product or service on which the offer is based.

Similarly, you can also include the offer in a promotional post, which is usually shorter than a normal post and offers a quick introduction to the offer and an attractive call to action with the aim to direct traffic to your landing page, where there will be more information.


  • Send email marketing focused on your Christmas campaign

    Another interesting tool in your Christmas campaign is to send a mailing to your segmented subscriber list taking into account the Buyer Persona to get more direct impact on users who are already our subscribers, and, in some cases, even customers. 

So that the email marketing campaign is effective in this type of campaigns, segmentation of mailing mailing lists is especially important, since a very high volume of mailings is received and, to highlight, it is essential that the recipient feels identified or may have a prior interest in our offer.


6. Measure your results 

Now that you have launched your campaign, the most important step is to revisit the objectives and assess whether they have been met or not. 

Measuring the results, in fact, is the most important part of the campaign, because it is what will determine if it worked, what you have to improve and, ultimately, the end result of all your effort. 

In order to correctly measure the results you should take into account the digital analytics in your company's strategy and , especially, what are the KPIs you should measure, taking into account what are the Basic KPIs in digital marketing

Once the results have been measured, it will only be necessary to take note of what has not worked to improve it in the next campaign of the following Christmas.

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