How to create an effective landing page for your business

Silvia Fernàndez 27 September, 2019 4 minutes of reading
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At DigitalMakers we know that when one of our clients wants to start an online marketing campaign to promote a service or a product, one of the most common and effective strategies to boost their business from the internet is usually the creation of a landing page or landing page , linked to a paid campaign on Google or social networks. 

With this binomial it is possible, firstly, to give visibility to the company and, secondly, to make the potential client access a web page created with the objective of giving their data to start the commercial or sales process.

In this article we will explain how to create a landing page that is attractive and effective to promote your business and more easily achieve the objectives you have defined as responsible for marketing in your company's marketing strategy.


What is a landing page

A landing page is

a page designed and created to serve as a lead capture that is achieved through a digital marketing campaign.

Its main feature is that you always have to have a call to action that is displayed clearly.


Landing page types

Although the final objective of the landing page is always that the lead performs a concrete action when arriving at the page, we can talk about two types of landing page according to their objectives:


  1. Objective:
    capturing the data of a potential customer from a contact form.
    In this type of landing pages many times a content of interest is offered to the user so that it can be downloaded after having provided their data, such as an ebook or an infographic, for example.

    It is interesting to have Please note that if this contact form is linked to a Hubspot account, we will not only have additional information from that client each time they access our site, but we can create a “live” form that is different according to the Buyer Personathat enter his information.

  2. Objective:
    sell directly or redirect the possible lead to another page with more information or the product you want to sell.

    In this case, the objective is not so much that the user leaves us his data only to be able to carry out subsequent marketing actions but that direct sales are of interest. These are especially informative websites with a call to action that invites the user to make the purchase or go to a second page where they finally make the purchase.


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How to create an effective landing page 

The first step in planning an effective landing page is always to define theBuyer Persona  to which it is addressed.

Similarly, and especially if we are doing a landing page designed in B2B, we should also define the Ideal Client Profile to be very clear about what type of company the landing is aimed at.

In both cases, without knowing who our ideal client is and the company we are going to, we cannot prepare the elements, contents and the appropriate communication so that he feels identified and attracted by what we can offer him.

Once we have clear these two concepts, we can focus on creating the right content for its capture and creating both the adwords campaign or social media campaign.


1. Components of the Landing Page

The components that any landing page must contain are the following:

  • Product/service title.
    The title must be attractive and focused on the needs of the Buyer Persona, taking into account that it solves a pain or problem that the Buyer Person perceives.

  • Product / service image.
    It is important that the image is of good quality and that it is attractive so that the lead feels interested. To find quality images you can check our blog article to find out how to obtain images for your marketing strategies. (

  • Explanation of the benefits or main features that may generate interest in the lead in the product or service. As in the case of the title, the description must be clear and not too long (better if it is with short phrases) and must solve at least one problem or pain that the Buyer Persona has.

  • A call to action or call to action.
    • It may be to get the sale of a product as it would be, for example, "buy now"
    • Or we can have the objective of obtaining customer data, which could be "contact us", "download", "register", etc.

  • A contact form to be able to capture user data

In any case, for a landing page to be effective it is very important to work all the components always from the Buyer Persona and taking into account that the result of all of them is professional and well worked. 


2. Landing page structure

In order for a landing page to be effective, it is important that a structure such as the so-called “Above the Fold” newspaper be followed, that is, above the fold (or fold), in which the most important news was put in the part of above, along with the image. 

In web terms, for a landing page to be effective it is important that the most prominent elements are visible without having to scroll the page. In the upper part there must be the title, the image and the call to action, preferably. The description and additional information can be at the bottom of the page, as support for the title and to convince the user if you have doubts.

3. Copywriting of the landing page

For the success of a landing page the texts are very important and the copywriting It fulfills a fundamental function, since it must create texts that attract attention, that convince, fidelicen and attract leads.

We must always work so that the texts we generate for any Marketing strategy are attractive, to help our clients to generate a discourse that convinces their potential clients and, therefore, generate conversions.

In DigitalMakers we always work from the inbound methodology and starting from the creation of any Buyer Persona Marketing strategy and we have special care both in the design and especially in the attractive texts created through persuasive writing or persuasive copywriting. If we manage to attract the attention of our ideal client we can communicate with him. And if we do not communicate with him in an attractive way and understanding his concerns we can generate an interest in him that ends in a conversion and a sale for our clients.


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