Is my company “Digital”?

Equip DigitalMakers 29 July, 2018 2 minutes of reading
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Absolutely yes, your company is digital. In fact, in DigitalMakers we always say that all companies in the 21st century are digital. Simply because your customers are.

While it is true that not all companies have the same degree of digital maturity, all to a greater or lesser extent have a digital dimension with their customers that they must take into account.

The companies that are most in tune with their customers and are able to reconnect in the digital environment, are those that will have the greatest competitive advantage to survive. Those that do not, being unable to evolve together with them, will cease to exist.

It is indifferent if your company addresses the particular client (Business to Customer – B2C) or the client company (Business to Business – B2B), in both scenarios the interlocutor is a person who is informed and makes decisions based on digital factors (search in google, it is impacted via e-mail by our competition, it navigates daily through social networks, it informs itself and buys products and services online, etc). Therefore, yes. No doubt your company is digital. Do not see it any other way, and work to better understand your clientand get in tune with him.

It is important to take into account the fact that when we say that our company is Digital, it does NOT imply that it only and only relates to your client for digital channels. It simply means that in their information, decision and relationship processes, both Digital and Non-Digital factors are present (that is, what we might consider the offline world: attendance at fairs, radio announcements, leaflets, telephone, etc.) perfectly complementary way.

The key is to review our business model looking for elements of digital innovation. Below we detail the two basic points by which DigitalMakers always begin to review the business model of our customers:

How am I currently reaching new clients?
Could you reach new customers easier and more useful for them through a digital channel?
for example, when they search Google they find me.

How am I currently interacting with my clients?
Could I relate in a simpler and more useful way for them?
for example, if I am a service company and I offer technical service, to my client who is more useful to call me to express their doubt, or check the YouTube video that the company has specifically made to solve your problem?

Now that you have a clearer idea of the Digital Company, you can reflect on whether you want to review your business model by promoting the digital factor in marketing and the relationship with your customers, thus achieving a competitive advantage.

As always, from DigitalMakers we want to help you make your business more profitable. To answer any questions or ask us for advice, you can write us.

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