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How to enter dynamic signatures in your corporate email

Jordi Prat 15 May, 2019
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At DigitalMakers we have seen in our customers an increasing need to create dynamic signatures to their corporate emails so that they are all aligned with a coherent corporate image.
All workers in a company have a corporate email with a signature.

This signature may contain the name and surnames, the position held by the worker in the company, the telephone, a photo, social networks, etc.

The mail signature can create a design company, a digital marketing company or it can be created internally from the same company in question.

This has as a result that each company generates and configures many mail signatures, as many as workers have.


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What problem do companies find?

Regardless of which email manager your company uses (GSuite, the enterprise version of Gmail, Office 365 or others), the problem is common and multiple for all:
  • Each time a new employee joins the organization, a new signature must be created.
  • The personal data of the employee must be changed and once done, the employee must enter the signature in his mail.
  • This makes the responsibility that this signature is correct and works on the employee, who is not obliged to know how the signature is configured correctly and may not do it well.
  • If the user does not have the necessary technical knowledge, the signature may later look bad, may not be the same as that of other colleagues, and other errors.

Non-dynamic signatures carry other problems:

Let's imagine that the worker does not like the signature and changes it: we already have a different signature between one worker and another within the same company.

If changes have been made to the contact data of the company, employees will be notified to change the information of the signatures.

If an employee does not, your signature may have outdated or erroneous information.

This can cause headaches to people who try to contact the company using the information that appears in the signature of that worker.

Perhaps you are thinking that in a small company these problems are quite manageable, since if you have 5 or 10 workers, you are still able to control that all the signatures of the mails are the same.

But what happens when your company grows and you have 50, 100 or 300 workers?

In these cases, it is impossible to control that all signatures are equal.

The solution is, then, the dynamic signature of mail.


What is a dynamic signature?

A dynamic signature is one that is generated through a template that is always the same.

Regardless of the email manager that you use in your company, the dynamic signature collects the personal data of each employee and includes them within the template created so that all the company's emails are unified.

Each time the company opens a new account, the corresponding dynamic signature is created automatically.

This avoids all the problems we mentioned before, such as having to ask the worker to include his signature himself (perhaps he does not know how to do it).

It also avoids the problem that a new worker has a "dead time" in which he can not send mail or has to do it with a provisional and rudimentary signature until he receives the definitive corporate signature.

And you, do you already use dynamic firms in your company?

This is the first entry in a series of publications on the blog about dynamic firms.

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