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Jordi Prat 11 July, 2019 3 minutes of reading
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Linke's success story

In this article we will explain in detail how in DigitalMakers we accompany one of our clients in the process of migrating all the content from their Wordpress website to Hubspot.


A little history...

Founded in 2010 by a group of highly specialized technical professionals in the SAP market, Linke is a consolidated company as a provider of SAP technology consulting services in the cloud, and is the first non-global systems integrator that is Amazon Web's Premier Consulting Partner. Services with SAP competence worldwide. Its experts gather 105 SAP and AWS certifications.

With its experience in migrating services to the cloud, it helps its clients mainly in Spain, Europe and the Middle East to achieve the advantages of cloud computing in a real, effective and simple way. In 2018, it carried out more than 50 migrations from SAP systems to AWS and manages, to date, more than 300 SAP installations in this cloud platform.

As a result of its investment in research and innovation, Linke also has its own technology that makes it possible to take advantage of the organizations' cloud strategies and provides a differential value to their offer.

To know more: https://linkeit.com/ 

Linke started betting on Inbound Marketing through Hubspot, since he realized the benefits of having centralized the entire marketing strategy in a single platform.

Therefore, he decided to move his website to Hubspot and thus be able to take advantage of all the business opportunities it offers.

In the first phase of implementation of Hubspot they created the blog, defined the workflows and started to work on the management of new client opportunities through the Hubspot platform.

In the second phase DigitalMakers came into play.

Linke hired us to redesign the web with a look and a more current user experience and to monitor the migration of the web, which was Wordpress, to Hubspot's CMS.

Taking advantage of the case of success of Linke, in this article we are going to tell you how we make the migration of Wordpress to Hubspot step by step.

If you want to know more about the redesign of the web, consult the link (article in development).


The migration strategy

To explain how a Wordpress web page is transferred to Hubspot, it is important to first highlight who are the actors involved in the process:


The phases

In DigitalMakers we know that migrations are not easy, since they can involve many risks (loss of information, failures, etc.).

Therefore, we believe that in the face of uncertainty it is best to be well prepared and always apply a shock plan that minimizes problems such as SEO positioning or broken links.



In DigitalMakers we make an inventory of all the links, we carry out tests of loading speed of the web and we validate all the functionalities of the web.

We also value the SEO status of the current web.



Our team is in constant communication with the technical team of Hubspot and acts as an intermediary to accompany the client in the migration process and ensure that the entire technical process is carried out as smoothly as possible.



At this point in the process, the Hubspot technical team performs the migration taking care of the visual aspect of the original web and all the linked files down to the smallest detail.



Once the migration is done, DigitalMakers together with Hubspot submit the web to a quality control with all the parameters previously collected in the inventory phase to ensure that it works perfectly.



Once the quality control has been exceeded, DigitalMakers changes DNS to make visible the migrated version of the web in Hubspot.



To ensure that the web once published is still working perfectly, we apply a second quality control to ensure that the speed of the web is correct and that there is no impact on the SEO of the page.


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Benefits of the Hubspot migration

Within a period of 2 weeks, Linke had migrated his website to Hubspot with all the quality controls passed.

Thanks to this, right now they have a platform that centralizes all their content and also allows them to track the opportunities of the leads until the final sale.

Another advantage of this Wordpress migration to Hubspot is that thanks to the technical knowledge of DigitalMakers in Hubspot we can create modules with the look and user experience of the previous web.

This allows us to minimize the costs of creating new content, thus giving a faster and more agile response in the layout of said contents.

And, finally, another essential advantage is the possibility of creating smart content, adapting the content of the different pages of the web with different parameters, such as the visitor's country or the life cycle stage, among others.


And now what?

With this migration, now Linke can start creating content focused on obtaining quality leads defined in the Inbound Marketing strategy.

Now Linke has the same tool for attracting leads, tracking new opportunities and, finally, converting them into sales.

Do you want to know how we can help you migrate your Wordpress page to Hubspot to centralize your entire inbound marketing process?

Contact us and tell us your case, we are here to help you!

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