How to prepare a marketing good presentation

Jordi Prat 25 October, 2019 3 minutes of reading
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In this article we will give you the best recommendations for your marketing department to generate successful presentations.When creating a good presentation for the marketing department, you have to take into account several points. The most important point is to keep in mind if the content will be used to make a live presentation or if it will be sent as a query document.


Basic recommendations in case you make a live presentation for your marketing department


It is not a telepronter, it is a support for your speech

One of the most frequent errors when creating a presentation is usually the content. In a marketing presentation you do not have to include your speech in the presentation for two main reasons:

  • Your viewers lose their focus by finding content in duplicate in your speech and in the written presentation.
  • You lose the opportunity to present graphics or photos that complement and reinforce your speech.

Our recommendation is that you do not post extensive texts on any slide but graphics or documents that can not be expressed in word.

Create an agile base template

One way to facilitate work at your marketing or commercial team is to create a template with your corporate image. In this way, any member of the team can use the base to create the presentation you need while maintaining a consistent image with the company.

In many cases, market makers are asking for some excellent design presentations, full of animations, transitions and innovative typographies.

The reality of these cases is that if the person in charge of marketing, the commercial or the figure that has to work does not have a high knowledge about the tool, it ends up being an annoying and annoying design.

Our recommendation is to look for a simple, clean and effective design that allows any member of the team to use the base without compromising the designed design.

Typography, that great enemy

In the design sector it is said that a good typography fixes a bad design. In this case, a typography can generate many headaches if we want to work with our team.

In the case of presentations, the fonts that are used must be installed on each computer where we want to see it, in case it is not installed, the program will use a default font, thus breaking all the design.

Our recommendation is to use the sources that are preinstalled in the operating system (Georgia, Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, Times New Roman or Trebuchet).

An image is worth a thousand words

It is important not to saturate your viewers information, or to make very extensive presentations. If you take into account the purpose of the presentation, you will surely discern that indispensable atomic information, of which it is more redundant.

Our recommendation is that you put yourself at the site of the buyer persona while you conceptualize the presentation in order to define what the content is Relevant thing you expect to get in your exposure.

An animation carries a great responsibility

To the question as to whether presentations should carry animations, the answer is: it depends. In the digital sector we are increasingly able to create animations in a simpler way, but we must know how to use it responsibly.

On the other hand, in many cases we find presentations that start very animated but as it progresses (probably due to lack of time) are losing animations and become static presentations.

Our recommendation as the phrase says "You can not miss something you have never had". If you do not have the ability to create good animations, focus on developing content that is attractive and well distributed before attempting to make complex animations that do not add value.


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Basic recommendations for a presentation for a consultation document

The information is power

Unlike the live presentation version, in this case you will need to expose all the information in writing because you will not have the support in person.

Structure the presentation well before making it and keep in mind the length of the document.

If we do not have a presenter, we want an index

In this case, the document will not have an orchestra conductor who will mark the time, therefore, it is important for the user to know and access the content through an index at the beginning of the presentation.

A PDF does not animate the party

In many cases, the presentation should be shared in pdf format so that all the animations and transitions that you have made will no longer make sense. Our recommendation is that if you know that it will be so, do not spend time creating animations that can not be viewed.

Where could I contact you?

The last recommendation in case of being a document to share with the client is that you facilitate as much as possible your contact information. Our recommendation is that you add your website, phone, email and social networks in a very visible way to ensure that the user knows how to contact you on a last slide for example.

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