5 tips for an effective email marketing strategy for your business

Jordi Prat 12 September, 2019 3 minutes of reading
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In this article, we will give you our recommendations so that you can take the most effective email marketing strategy for your business.

Decide what is the best email delivery strategy for your business is essential when it comes to taking advantage of your Contact lists to teach you everything you can do, propose to try your products and services, make promotions and give them special benefits.

At DigitalMakers we are very fond of doing pedagogy among our clients because they understand that the most important when starting to apply a tool (in this case, email marketing), is that it can help us achieve the established goals if we do so strategic and well thought out.

Therefore, when we decide to use email marketing we must be clear that the most important is have a good strategy behind you. 

And before deciding whether we will use a system or another, or an application or another to send our emails, we must keep in mind the following points. 


1. Information is power and in this case, power of conversion

At the end of the day we all receive many emails of varying degrees of importance. In a way, as we receive so many, we have made them lose their value. 

To counteract this little importance that we give to receive emails, here are a few tips that will help you to make your clients or potential customers open your emails and even be happy to receive them!

The issue marks the path to success.

It is often the forgotten one, but it is surely
the most important

Choose a good post that impacts and highlights between all emails in your client's inbox first step.

Remember that the title must be attractive but never deceptive. If you promise an information, you must give it in the body of the message.

To write captions that encourage and encourage the opening, you can answer questions that are made by your client with the words "what, when, why, how" or solve problems with numeric titles such as "3 ideas for ..." or "5 tips that will help you ... "

Choose what you want to sell

Do not generalize and send an email with all the new services or products you offer.

Keep in mind that nobody wants to read an email that does not seem to be intended for him.

Think, then, what interests you for each type of client and create the sales message according to who the reader is arrive at.

Reflect: what do you need? What does your product or service give you? How does life or business improve? 

Challenge #askdigitalmakers


2. The same message does not work for everyone

When making a shipment about your new product or service to clients from different sectors, do you think it is good that you communicate it exactly in the same way? 

One of the keys to the success of email marketing campaigns is to make it very clear to you person buyer (link to article).

Keep an eye on your ideal customer profile (what you need, what you are looking for, what you like, how to communicate, etc.) will help you customize the message so that he arrives and connect with him.

What in marketing language is called "segment", means just that: create different messages according to who they are destined focusing on the pain points of each type of client and their concerns and needs. 


3. Measure for results

To know if the efforts you are investing in email marketing campaigns get good results it is vital to track deliveries.

When you measure, you can ask yourself questions like these: how many openings did you have the last email? Of these, how many have clicked on our link? 

These data will help you to know if the matter of the mail was attractive enough, if the mail was confusing and therefore did not communicate what he had to communicate, if the link that you entered was sufficiently visible...


4. The day and time? It is not worth any

Ask yourself this question: Do you have the same predisposition to reading an email at any time of the day or any day of the week? 

Surely the answer is not and therefore, that of your clients too. 

Think of what time and day of the week are more willing to receive and read an email the your customers according to your business model or your daily routine.

Common sense is always the best counselor in these cases, followed by the analysis of the metrics we can extract from previous shipments that we have made.


5. Automate

"Automating" means that the email marketing system you are using sends the emails that you have created automatically without having a person behind them making each shipment manually.

The current mail delivery systems are quite powerful, and even free tools such as MailChimp allow automation systems if you integrate with your web. 

Automating mail delivery improves conversion if you use it, for example, to remind your client of the items left in an abandoned basket to your ecommerce or give it a discount for the first purchase when you subscribe to your newsletter.

In a forthcoming article in Digitalmakers' blog we will deal with automation more thoroughly and how you can use it to improve your business sales.


So far our article on the keys that make a good email marketing strategy.

From DigitalMakers, we believe that having these points clear, added to some interesting content within your emails, will make email marketing your best ally when it comes to converting and loyalty to your current customers .

If you want to know if an email marketing strategy can make your business grow, at DigitalMakers we offer you a free consultancy for answer your questions.

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