What is copywriting and how does it help marketing managers?

Equip DigitalMakers 24 November, 2018 1 minutes of reading
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Have you ever wondered what copywriting is?

For DigitalMakers, the generation of content in tune with the company’s objectives is key, and the best way to get them to your community is, without a doubt, copywriting.

Below we explain in detail how we understand DigitalMakers copywriting.

Copywriting is a type of persuasive writing that makes what you write connect with your clients, convinces them that you are the one who can help them and, consequently, helps you increase sales.

Thanks to this type of writing you can create all kinds of messages: your email marketingsequence, a landing page, a sales text, the contents of your website or the publications of your blog or your clients’.

On the other hand, copywriting is an essential element of any marketing strategy, since it is the basis of everything: well written texts, with a clear objective and with messages that reach your client are the first step so that then all the campaigns that you develop succeed.

Benefits of copywriting in marketing

Copywriting will help you positioning organically in search engines if you work with keywords strategy.

In addition, you will hook in your reader with the texts and you will differentiate yourself from your competition with texts that attract and convince those who read them.

The keys of copywriting

  • Think who you’re going to

Think about who your ideal client is: what he likes, what he does not like, why he uses your service or consumes your product. What do you solve? Tell him all this in your texts and you will convince him for sure!

  • Do not talk about you, talk about him

What we like as customers is to know how they will help us and make things easier for us.

It is very good to talk about all the experience you have in your field, but we recommend focusing on what your client needs at the time of writing. You will notice the difference!

  • Write with strategy

Think about what you want to convey, what is the purpose of your text and apply it to your writing.

When you already have this information, take action by writing a text with the AIDA formula: you must get the attention of your client, you must wake up the interest and desire and, finally, you must take action. All without forgetting to be aligned with the objectives of the company.

If you want to know how we work in DigitalMakers and we carry out copywriting strategies with our clients, do not hesitate, contact us. We will be happy to assist you, listen to you and together evaluate your specific case.

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