7 advantages of the outsourcing of your marketing department

Silvia Fernàndez 27 June, 2019 3 minutes of reading
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What is outsourcing or outsourcing?

There are multiple advantages in the outsourcing of the marketing department of a company, which is "a business process in which a commercial company transfers the resources and responsibilities related to the fulfillment of certain tasks to an external company that is dedicated to the provision of different specialized services ", in this case, marketing services.

The outsourcing is a relatively modern practice that has been used mainly to reduce the costs of the company, getting for a lower price than a specialist in house a team of professionals that will help the company to focus on what dominates.

On the other hand, outsourcing allows the company that subcontracts to obtain support and guidance in the tasks of marketing, business consulting and marketing plan.


Advantages of an outsourcing service from the marketing department

As we have seen, the outsourcing of marketing services has multiple advantages:


1. Improve the efficiency of the company

Outsourcing will allow the marketing manager to concentrate on the tasks of their work that require greater management and delegate the tasks that would take more time and wear.

the professionals to whom you have outsourced the marketing will help you to develop the works with a high quality level and with a defined timing together, which will result in a greater profitability for the company.

On the other hand, the fact of having a team with several specialized professional profiles improves efficiency in a company that does not have its own marketing department.

The participation of the company in the marketing strategy, even if necessary, will be less than if it had to be managed internally.


2. Reduce costs

Hiring an external marketing service is cheaper than creating an internal marketing department or hiring a new worker.

The cost of a professional hired directly by the company is higher than that of hiring an outsourcing marketing, since not only should the worker's salary be taken into account, but also the additional Social Security and vacation expenses.

Likewise, the company will not invest in the training of professionals or in the acquisition of new tools to carry out the marketing plan, since all this would be commissioned by the external marketing agency.


3. It allows to gain in quality

Achieving the high specialization and knowledge that the company should have in a marketing department of its own requires a lot of effort, a lot of time and, especially, a high cost.

In an outsourcing service there is a group of professionals who have a journey and experience in the marketing works that guarantee their actions.

This knowledge allows them to use formulas that they have already tried with other clients and adapt them to the needs of the company, or to study new formulas and analyze the results to achieve a greater guarantee of success.


4. Allows greater flexibility

With a marketing outsourcing service, the company will be able to adapt more quickly to changes in the sector and establish the most appropriate strategies at all times, as they will have professionals who work with a diversity of companies and projects that facilitate updating.

Likewise, this model will contribute to the flexibility of the service, since it will be able to adapt according to the need of the company, extending or reducing the periods of dedication according to your needs.


5. It allows to have a more global vision of the company

Many companies are afraid to choose an external company to take their marketing department because they believe that it will have a lot of information about the company without belonging to it.

Precisely this fact is what makes the external agency more interesting for the same company, since it has a transversal vision and experience that can help the company to understand in a more global and less biased way who it is your buyer person, which is really your value proposal and what actions / strategies you must implement to be able to transmit it adequately.

Likewise, with an external marketing department it is easier to centralize all marketing needs in a single agency.

The agency knows several suppliers because generally it already works with them and has experience in its management.

As it acts as an extension of the company, it carries out any marketing task that the first needs, from web design issues or graphic, copywriting, photography, video and even translation of the contents.


6. Improved management capacity and time optimization

Outsourcing will improve teamwork and the times when the objectives determined between the agency and the company will be achieved, since Agile methodology or < i> scrum and in the form of weekly, biweekly or monthly sprints (depending on the need).

The agency will establish specific objectives and tasks to reach these objectives and will analyze the results later.


7. Mitigate the company's risk of hiring an invalid professional

Having an agency available to the company helps find the right professional for each task.

In case a specific professional does not meet quality expectations or for some reason the company is not satisfied with their work, the agency will look for another collaborator that fits better with the project.


In DigitalMakers we are oriented to the business and we bet to give a service of outsourcing of the marketing department accompanying the company in the innovation process of the business model, promoting the digital factor in the commercialization and the relationship with customers.

What do you think? Do you now see more clearly the advantages of having an external marketing department or are you still in doubt?

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