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Benefits of the dynamic mail signature

Jordi Prat 30 May, 2019
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In this second entry of the series on dynamic signatures of the DigitalMakers blog we tell you all the benefits that the dynamic signature has in your email.

Among the advantages of this firm we find brand coherence and unified branding.

But in addition to all this, the dynamic firms have a commercial advantage that we explain to you in detail and that surely until now you were wasting.

In this post we also tell you about the benefits and disadvantages of the internal and external management of dynamic mail signatures so that you can make the best decision for your specific case.


Advantages of the dynamic mail signature

Apart from a unified corporate image and all the advantages that this implies, the dynamic signature has many more customizable options:
  • You can create a long signature in the first email that is exchanged between two users, and then a shorter signature in the following responses so that the mail does not lengthen in an annoying way.
  • The responsibility for the creation and application of the signatures does not fall on the worker
  • There is no "dead time" in which a new user does not yet have a signature, since it is automatically generated with their personal data.

The commercial advantage of dynamic firms

A commercial advantage that DigitalMakers believes is still being wasted and that dynamic firms allow is to promote products, services and information through banners in the mail.

For example, you can set up a dynamic signature in which the company's commercials have a banner where the new products that the company has launched are promoted.

For the technical department, this banner may contain useful information for other employees when they have a specific problem.

If a manager of the company participates in a congress or an important conference, or if the company is present at a fair soon, the signature banner can promote this event.

And DigitalMakers believes that it is important to take advantage of the signature of the mail to promote the actions of the company.

If someone writes you an email, we understand that you are interested in what you offer and that it is a very "hot" lead.

So, why not share with him the information that may be relevant to him?

If on average a worker sends about 10-15 mails a day (if not more), think about all the impact you are missing if you miss the function of the signature banner.

For all these reasons, we encourage you to take full advantage of this dynamic signatures function.

At the end of the day, if we spend the day thinking about strategies to attract leads and attract customers to our company, why not do it with the tool we use most during the day?


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Who manages the dynamic firm?

- Internal management

The dynamic signature can be created and managed internally in the company in question.

In other words, a member of the team will be in charge of managing the dynamic signature program, creating the templates and entering the data of new employees who join the company.

The advantage of internal management is that it is cheaper, but as a disadvantage we find the dedication that must be invested to do so if we add it to all the tasks that employees develop during the day.

- External management with third-party tools

The other type of management and application of dynamic firms can be external.

This management can be done by a digital marketing company that manages the mails externally.

The advantage of this type of management is that it avoids an investment of time and training on the tool within the company, and as a disadvantage we find the cost of outsourcing.

At DigitalMakers we like to assess each case of our clients to recommend the option that may be of most interest to them according to the size of the company, the tool to be used, the number of dynamic firms and other factors.

And you, do you think that a dynamic firm would benefit your company?

If you think we can help you, contact us and we'll explain how to do it!

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