Is it really necessary to create valuable content and own?

Equip DigitalMakers 19 July, 2017 2 minutes of reading
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When someone asks us at DigitalMakers, are you sure it is relevant to create valuable content of your own?

Our answer is, as long as your objective corresponds to one of the following points:

  • I want my brand to be able to meet
  • I want to create brand awareness and position myself as an expert

The answer can not be other than ROTUNDELY YES.

The opinion of DigitalMakers, based on talking with dozens of companies every day, is that

“The current challenge of the companies is not to give the work done, until it has been executed and spread.”

Historically, companies have always been very opaque with the outside, their customers came either from commercial actions focused on sale or word of mouth. Currently, what is happening is that the client’s behavior has changed.

If someone needs something they look for it (with a search engine such as google, or social networks, etc.) and the most positioned results are not those that are simply describing the service they sell, but those contents that:

  • They give solution to the problems explaining the how, with the maximum of detail
  • Those best valued by readers

Yes, yes, you are right, the typical reaction of any company, when told to share KNOWLEDGE, is that they do not want to do it. But the reality is that when the customer searches, he will find the one who explains it.

Looking at our environment we are sure that we found some case of some brand that did some kind of service very well, but that has ended up disappearing because other brands without half the skill and quality in the service have monopolized its market. And it is probably this second, which if it has survived, never gives the work finished until it has been executed and disseminated.

In addition, disseminate the work done has very positive effects on the product of our work. Among others, the fact of knowing that the delivery of that service (whether it is the installation of an air conditioner, the repair of a shoe, or the construction of a building) will be scrutinized publicly by people we have in mind (our colleagues from work, our family, our clients, etc.) but also by people beyond our control, without a doubt that feeling of being in the center of the stage where all eyes point, pushes us to do a better job.

A better job, sure to receive criticism and comments, and welcome. This information received, well channeled will help us to improve in an iterative way, being every day a little better.

Therefore, in conclusion, it is necessary that in our company we establish the iterative processes so that the work is done, it is disseminated creating its own contents, we are attentive to what they tell us, we improve in this respect and we continue working.

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