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Silvia Fernàndez 27 March, 2020 2 minutes of reading
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At DigitalMakers we started working remotely on March 11, aware that the current situation required us to do our bit and stay at home.

For us, teleworking has always been a constant, we have never depended on a physical office to carry out our work, but it is common for one or the other team to work from home or from any other place that is convenient for them, thanks to our culture and our way of working. 

In fact, even on a few occasions we have found ourselves having to telecommute regularly for more than a month for specific issues of office supplies. 

Therefore, even though it was a challenge for the team, since we had not implemented it at this absolute level in a long time, we were prepared to take on the challenge and continue giving the same service to our clients, with the same quality. to which we are used to.

And we had the right tools to ensure a good remote working environment:

  • To ensure the sharing of company documents in word, excel and Google presentations we have Google Suite and Google Drive.

  • In order to be in contact at all times as if we were in the same space and to be able to make video conferences to be all connected with each other and with customers we have Google Hangouts.

  • And thanks to having a online switchboard we have the phone available from any location, with internet and a device, so that any of us, from home, can both attend to customer calls and make the necessary calls from the corporate phone.

Our feeling is digital and, thanks to this, the transfer from working together in an office to working remotely has been possible without complications and in a natural way, establishing a new routine in which we feel comfortable.

Quite simply, and to continue with our routine and team cohesion, we have incorporated into our weekly day-to-day the “DigitalCoffee”, a meeting with the entire team on Monday mornings, coffee in hand, after an especially hard weekend for those who spend their time alone, to share experiences, team up and continue sharing an infinitely important time together.

Without a doubt, after these days of confinement, there is one thing we agree on:

We have been able to carry out our work in a completely normal way, serving our clients with the same quality as always and, although we have missed each other, with our regular videoconferences we feel a little closer and a little stronger.

These are days of being at home, of being calm and of continuing to offer the best of all of us in our remote work. In addition, we want to help you in your daily remote work as marketing manager. Do you have any questions about how to better carry out your work remotely? Are you encountering a problem that you do not know how to solve in order to carry out your day-to-day work now that you must do it from home? Ask us in our #askdigitalmakers challenge and we will help you.


Challenge #askdigitalmakers


At DigitalMakers we will continue to give our best so that in this atypical, strange situation and a bit of a science fiction movie, we can focus on what we can learn and the new opportunities it generates. 

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Silvia Fernàndez
Controller & Talent specialist i gestora comercial de projectes digitals, experta en el món del disseny web i el marketing desde fa més de 15 anys, és una enamorada del marketing inbound i del bon tracte amb el client. 
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