Effective digital strategy to communicate an event

Jordi Prat 19 September, 2019 3 minutes of reading
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We explain the keys to make the digital communication of your event a success

On repeated occasions our clients indicate that they have the possibility of holding an event to offer their products or services. They call us excited, they explain it to us in detail and suddenly ... a little moment of panic! How do we prepare the communication strategy? What do we do? To who? What do we tell them?

In DigitalMakers we like to use our blog to respond to the needs of our customers, those situations that recurrently pose a challenge or a need. If you are responsible for the marketing department of your company, you will surely find this article interesting.


Plan first, run later

The phrase may seem obvious but with the date of the event flying overhead, we often lose focus where it really matters.

The important steps are to notify, register and retain the guests, so let's go there.


Choose the guests well

Antes de nada elige muy bien a quién invitar al evento, recuerda que normalmente la limitación la marca del aforo del espacio elegido, por tanto, define muy bien el Buyer Persona de entre todos tus leads que pueda ser candidatos reales a la conversión.


Prepare your website

Our recommendation to DigitalMakers is that there are 4 minimum contents on our website when it comes to impacting the event.

Prepare a registration page (if you do not outsource this action with a third-party platform). For the user to register, keep in mind the minimum fields to request. An excess of data creates rejection.

Create an article in your blog explaining everything you can find in this event, add value and create brand image. Link the article in the form.

Prepare a banner or pop-up for the home of your site. Although SEO positioning, the home page of a website is always the one that receives the most visits, do it to give value to the brand and importance to the event.


Now yes! Report it

Within the communication channels of an event as its highlight 3:


Email is your best friend

When looking for the list of most qualified leads, surely the best place to start is in your database. Make sure your commercials provide their contact lists and use the best practices that we indicate in the previous article.

It is important to define how many impacts we will make, our recommendation is:

  1. As soon as we have the communication ready, in this way the attendees will reserve the date.
  2. A few days before closing the squares. Use messages that generate urgency (eg "Last places!") If you go short of attendees.
  3. The same day. We prevent users from saying goodbye and ensuring their assistance.


Social networks, yes, but it depends

At this point it is difficult to make a standard recommendation on whether to use social networks when promoting the event. In any case, it is important to know if the social network is the one used by the buyer person.


Paid advertising? Why not!

This point is linked to the previous one, once the buyer person is defined we can use a payment option as long as we can segment it so that it specifically impacts our target. Otherwise the cost of the investment will not bring us the expected results.


Challenge #askdigitalmakers


After the event, also the work to be done?

That the event is over does not mean that the work is done, now it is time to collect the fruits and extract results and conclusions.


Give continuity to the event

Share the photos after the event on social networks and thank the attendees for their participation. Loyalty and position the brand.


Do I publish something else?

In DigitalMakers we always recommend making an article in the blog summarizing the event, explaining the presentations and even sharing the questions or reflections that may have arisen. Take advantage of the article to share the recording or podcast of the event in your case.


How can we do better again? Let's ask!

If the digital world opens doors for us, we use them. Why not send a thank you email to our attendees that at the same time will be useful with a satisfaction survey?

Find out what questions might help you know what the improvement points are in an upcoming event or even know if your product or service is interesting. Remember, too many questions result in few user responses, fine tune what you will do ;)

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