How to make an effective Video Marketing for my company

Jordi Prat 10 October, 2019 3 minutes of reading
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In this article we will explain the keys so that your marketing department can generate marketing videos autonomously without great resources but with great results and effective.

Why should my company generate videos?

Today the contents in video format are not the most widespread but the most demanded by users. It is a reality that we consume every time and we like to consume content in that format.

The business sector does not differ from that reality, therefore, it must be enhanced because there is an important niche and it is a good business opportunity.

A relevant fact: when presenting the same content in different formats, 68% of the respondents considered that on video they understood or learned more about the product or service presented to them:


Understood! But ... what content should I offer?

In DigitalMakers we always recommend that the marketing department be in permanent contact with the commercial department and especially with its commercials themselves.

It is imperative that we can nurture our commercials of the contents that facilitate their action with qualified leads because in this way we can offer on our website or in our digital content the information that our potential customers expect to find to convert.

That said, we provide as an example some of the types of videos that your marketing department could generate without investing many resources:

  • Video demonstration of the use cases of your product
  • Corporate video about the company, the offices, the technical team, etc.
  • Corporate video about your story, your goal or the brand
  • Video invitation to an event or to hire a new service.
  • Video answers about frequently asked questions about your products or services.

Obviously there are many more types of videos that your marketing department may need but that require a more elaborate script or more expensive production. In DigitalMakers we will be delighted to give you support in this and other questions about digital marketing.


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Superproduction for only 25 euros

Although it may seem that the generation of content in video format is very expensive, current technology allows us to record at a fairly reduced cost, let's see how:


Recording equipment needed

With a budget of approximately 25 euros we can start recording content for our marketing department:

A mobile device or camera

Currently the quality of these cameras will allow us to obtain more than acceptable results.

A tripod or stand to make a more stable recording

We do not recommend holding the camera by hand except in cases that require a moving plane.ámbrico/dp/B06XSYSLH2/ref=sr_1_1_sspa

A lapel microphone
Ensuring good audio is essential to maintain the attention of our audience.


The best movies have a good script

Before you start shooting as if you were Steven Spielberg it is important that you take some time to think about the objectives you are going to pursue with the video.


What do I want to show?

Invest some time in devising a script and a small storyboard of the content you will present in the video. It does not have to be exact if you prefer to be spontaneous but taking into account the points you will expose will help you structure your speech.


Who is it for?

In this article we tell you the advantages of knowing and working based on the buyer person. In the case of the videos it is perfectly applied, understanding your client to know what points are going to interest him in the content that you are going to offer him is vital to keep his attention.


Through which channel will I broadcast it?

To take into account its duration, it is important to know on which platform I will broadcast it, as an example: in instagram a maximum video can last 1 minute and a storie 10 seconds.


Lights, camera…Action!

Finally we offer some tips that will help you improve the quality of your recordings


The plane

The best shot for this type of video is usually the middle shot, so our actor should appear from the head to the waist and be as centered as possible on the screen. In this way we focus the attention of those who look at us in the interlocutor.


plano_largo plano_bueno
Long plane Middle plane

The posture

Make sure you have an upright posture whether you appear standing or sitting as well as an arm position that shows positivity and joy, arms crossed forbidden! Last but not least, smile.


mala_postura plano_bueno
Bad posture Good posture

The light

You can record good shots without the need for spotlights, just look for an interior or exterior space that guarantees fair lighting and above all that illuminates the actor's face.


foto_oscura plano_bueno
Bad lighting Good lighting

So far our article on how to perform effective Video Marketing for your company.

From DigitalMakers we believe that it is not necessary to make large investments to have good results, good ideas and a good execution.

If you want to know if a communication strategy like this can grow your business, at DigitalMakers we offer you a free consultancy to answer your questions.

Do you dare to discover it? We will wait for you!

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