How generate new leads adding a CTA to your most viewed pages. Success story

Oriol Escofet 09 April, 2020 2 minutes of reading
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Usually in our articles we talk about Inbound Marketing, about the importance of create your own content and show value by explaining your knowledge. We also talked about web analytics , KPI's and conversion rate and we've talked about web design thinking about your buyer persona.

Today we are going to tell you about a success story we have worked with at Digitalmakers, how by combining these concepts with fast and low effort actions your company can obtain new leads that will eventually become customers and contribute business.


Web services

The first point to work on is the pages on your website. It is important to have well-defined and packaged services or products of your company and to be well positioned in SEO For your buyer persona to find them, your pages must be well-designed and designed to provide a good user experience.


Add a "Call to action"

Many companies think that once they have a well-defined page, the job is over. We must lose the mentality that the web is a business card, the web is alive and it must be pivoting, growing with the company and adapting to the needs of each moment, this is one of the bases of the Growth Driven Design.

The action we wanted to talk about in this article is as quick and easy as adding a call to action, that is, a small form or button where, just by leaving the email, the user gets information or content that he is interested and you will get a new lead on which to work. Obviously not all leads will end up buying, but our experience implementing this procedure tells us that CTAs are a great avenue for prospective clients.


Most viewed pages

And now you can say, I want to do it, but where do I start? We use a system that is always effective for us, working web analytics. See what the most viewed pages, analyze the behavior of your buyer persona on the web and add these CTAs to those pages, sometimes this can lead to a redesign or restructuring, but these are small changes that give good results.


Final tip

Users are always "lazy" in forms where they ask for a lot of data, expensive forms to fill, etc ... we recommend that these calls to action be associated with forms with few fields, which are essential for generating contact. in your database. In our case we have verified that only one email is enough to work the lead, later as it evolves through the life cycle we will know more about it.

As we used in the times we are talking about doing small actions and maximizing the options for good results, we encourage you to try it, work CTA's and as we always say you can count on us if you have any questions. We will help you.

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Oriol Escofet
Graduat en Multimedia i Màster en experiència d'usuari, l'Oriol és un enamorat de tot el que fa referència al mon on-line, desde desenvolupar pàgines web a editar videos, passant per l'analítica i l'estratègia digital, pensant en l'usuari final per ajudar-lo a que aconsegueixi complir els seus objectius amb eficacia i eficiencia.
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