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Silvia Fernàndez 21 February, 2019 4 minutes of reading
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In innate way, human beings tend in personal social relationships to talk about ourselves to generate empathy and trust.

It is important at this point to take into account the change that the world has experienced before the arrival of the Internet, where there are 3 fundamental characteristics directly related to trust:

  1. Knowledge has become widespread

    In the same way that in a personal way, this trust has also been used as a whole in the business world. When there was no internet, the business departments used the information they had of their product or service so that when a customer came they would trust them, because they proved they knew about the item they came from. On the other hand, with the arrival of knowledge has become widespread . Now a commercial knows the same as a consumer, and this means that the marketing department has had to strengthen, with new methodologies to generate greater customer confidence. Right at this point it’s where it’s meaningful Hubspot, because, through the structure of the information it builds, it helps the marketing department to make the client more confident in the company, basic in a world where consumers are They move faster and faster and companies are incapable of achieving the same speed and speed that the consumer has, taking in reacting.

  2. Fast and easy access to information

    Before there was an Internet, a few means controlled the information and if you as a company wanted to appear you had to pay for it, the information was priced. With the birth of the Internet, anyone with an idea can get quick attention, the media has multiplied and, from there, the consumer has changed, acquiring for free the information. All in all, access to this information is easy and fast, which encourages the user to get used to the comfort of receiving things quickly and without too difficult.

  3. We have multiple options, so simplification is essential

    Internet gives access to information and unlimited options and this has added a layer of sales complexity, which is often simplified with technology, which helps us to choose the options and limited and the complexity of choosing is fundamental that technology simplifies the processes, helping the user in their options. There are companies that have taken advantage of this situation and have redefined simplicity, for example, to listen to music whenever you want wherever you want now it’s Spotify (when before listening to music that was not your own, you had to go to the disc stores or listen to it on the radio) or in the case of video clips, there is Netflix, you can watch movies and series whenever you want and wherever you want. The world has become very simple but the companies have become more complex, they have complexity in their processes. Therefore, it is essential that companies make a change of mindset, based on 3 very specific rules:

    1. Interact as you like

      That is,adapt to the consumer, make it accessible to the information you want to give it in the way you go better, using all possible channels. Omnicanality is important, offering an experience in which history and context are transferred from channel to channel. The goal is coherence, start the conversation on a channel and continue talking in another. Likewise, new channels must be used as an option, not as the new option, since channels that may appear to be no longer used, precisely because they are no longer used massively, can be useful again. WhatsApp, for example, seems to have killed the SMS (at least, that’s the way in 2015) as it is currently a non-massive channel when the automated shipment was sent out. Pro message in 2019 has returned, If you have SMS.

      Similarly, it was seen in a study that approximately 53% of users contacted through message platforms (chats) and curiously 38% were willing to buy through platforms of messages (as long as they were cheap products). Thus, chatting is a means to talk to a possible client and bring the right partner and with a specific product (usually low in value) can also become a sales opportunity.

    2. Interact when you want

      We have unlimited options, suddenly or time (information on the Internet is at any time, even if our company is closed the information on the web is always available) or the space (we can see information from a company to thousands kilometers) are priority issues. You can buy or contact a company at 4 in the morning, if you want, since the internet allows a live communication space at all times. This means that as consumers we have an experience based on high expectations, we want them to be met. If we see that the web provides a live chat, we hope that there is someone on the other side, whatever it is. The consumer has expectations that must be met. To be able to meet them in this case, a possible solution would be Chatbots, for example. A program that automates certain tasks generally “chatting” with users through a conversation interface. What we want is that this person can catch their attention as long as they speak with the bot and redirect in the most productive way possible. We know that the average human attention is of 8 seconds, (like the average average attention of a fish of colors) with which as a company you have 8 seconds to contribute something of value to the users . Anyway, it is important to keep in mind why chatbots could be used. For conversational trading, lead generation or ecommerce but not due to product deficiencies, complex invoicing or sales conversations. Any emotional issue requires a more direct and resolute channel.

    3. Anticipate Needs

      Be authentic, think about what your customer wants and needs. For the customer, personalization is increasingly important, the company can not treat its customers as if it were a machine, there must be behind every communication a company that cares about its customers and their needs. To try to be more relevant, more authentic. If you are going to look for the bread you only go to your bread oven, because it is where they know you, where they give you the usual one. Do not analyze how many bakeries there are and what is best unless you do not like it for any reason. Customer service is the one that gives confidence now, which means that as a customer you are looking for the company that gives you the most confidence, because it is flexible, has availability and is authentic, it worries about what you need as a potential customer. A good platform to generate trust in the client and where this is the center of the sales funnel is Hubspot, an “all in one” marketing tool, focused on the process of buying a user. Hubspot can generate a more fluid conversation with the user, although in an automated way that facilitates the communication of the company, simplifying the options and helping the companies to be able to give a quick response to the needs of the possible clients.

If you want more information about how we can help DigitalMakers generate more trust with your customers contact us, we want to be your partner for help you in your digital transformation.

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Silvia Fernàndez
Gestora comercial de projectes digitals, experta en el món del disseny web i el marketing desde fa més de 15 anys, és una enamorada del marketing inbound i del bon tracte amb el client. 
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