How to filter internal traffic in Hubspot

Oriol Escofet 21 April, 2020 2 minutes of reading
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As we have already previously discussed, digital analytics is important when making decisions about your marketing and sales strategies.

We at Digitalmakers work with the Hubspot CRM, a tool that gives us a wide variety of reporting options and that allows us to effectively assess the suitability of these strategies. When making these reports, a need arises: to filter internal traffic so that the reports do not pervert.


How to filter tests in Hubspot

Filtering this data in Hubspot is very simple, just go to:

Configuration > Reports > Tracking Code > Advanced Tracking  

And once there add your IP within the exclusions. To make it easier, Hubspot already tells you what it is, so you just have to copy and paste. Once saved, you no longer have to suffer for your tests, the reports will no longer show them to us.




When making this configuration there are two points that you must take into account:

  1. There are two types of IP, fixed and dynamic, in case you are of the second type, keep in mind that every time you go to test, check that it is correctly added to the exclusions panel.

  2. If there are two or more people who touch this same section, you should watch that if you enter at the same time, all the modifications are saved, it is possible that one will overwrite the changes of the other.

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Why is it important to do it?

Imagine that looking at the evolution of downloads of an ebook you find this graph, where you see that in the first addition, the publication, you have had 13 downloads, in the second 5 and in the third 6.




If we do a quick reading, without going deeper, we see that obviously, there has been a clear decrease in downloads that we can attribute, for example, to some type of campaign that was carried out during the first month or some other similar factor. But if we really want to know what is happening, we have to look in detail at each column.

Now look at this graph:



Sure we do a different read from the previous one, but it is only the same graph once the tests have been extracted, so this is the real view of what is happening with the ebook downloads we talked about.

Looking at statistics is sometimes satisfying, others frustrating, but most of all we have to try to make it real. Data is used to learn, to know where we are and if they are perverted, it deceives us.

If you have questions about Hubspot and need help managing it, schedule a meeting to discuss your concerns and where we can help you:


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To finish, just one last recommendation by way of summary, both by the technical teams, as well as by the marketing or sales teams that perform operational tests.

Obviously, the tests, for example, of sending when creating new forms, are an essential practice to guarantee the good operation, but be careful, check that your tests are not registered in the statistics, it is a low effort action that at the time of extracting the statistical reports has a very positive impact, since it shows a much more real image of what is happening and helps us to make better decisions.

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