How to prepare your computer for a successful videoconference

Silvia Fernàndez 07 November, 2019 4 minutes of reading
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In our previous article we focus on the benefits of videoconferencing for those responsible for marketing, in the article that we are dealing with, we will clarify how to prepare your computer to be able to make a successful videoconference and not die in the attempt.

Here we will analyze how to make a successful videoconferencing in an easy, economical and affordable way for anyone in charge of marketing, with a desktop computer or a laptop. On another occasion we will talk about more sophisticated videoconferences, with high-end cameras designed for this and high definition television screens.

We have already clarified that video conferencing is a very good tool to improve the tracking of projects, but to be able to make a video conference in conditions (without viewing cuts or sound, for example) it is imperative that you have a good team ready for it, and In this article we will analyze what you need to ensure success. 


Perfect, I'm talking about video conferencing, but what do I need to make a successful videoconferencing?

Although videoconferencing is a very interesting tool, in order to be able to perform successfully and smoothly with a laptop or a desktop computer, it is essential to have two main elements.

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1. A modern, up-to-date and prepared team.

If we want to connect through videoconferencing with other users, it is essential that our team is up to date and ready for this, here we have to review several aspects:


We will need a device that has a camera of medium / high quality. We can find two types of cameras:

  • Monitors with integrated camera: Currently most laptops already have an integrated camera and, in the case of desktop computers, Macs already have it integrated. If we talk about PC, there are also monitors that already have an integrated camera in many brands, we just have to see that we fit in price and screen size to choose the ideal.

  • External camera: Another solution in case our monitor does not have an integrated camera is to make the videoconferencing with an external camera compatible with our monitor. 


On the other hand, if we think about features, there are many camera options, but there is an indispensable need to have a camera with which to make a good video conference:

  • FPS or frames per second: it is important that you have a minimum of 30 FPS (frame per second), already which is what will determine the frames that can be captured per second, therefore, the quality of the images.

  • Average speed of the pictures to show: the ideal is to generate up to 30 frames per second, to prevent the Moving image looks hurt by the pictures that the camera can not show.

  • Software: It must be compatible with video conferencing.

  • Resolution: Currently, you can buy midrange cameras with a 640x480 pixel resolution, more than enough to make a good video conference. In this case, we do not want to work with high resolution because it generates very large and heavy files for virtual delivery.

  • Connection: we recommend USB 2.0 connection, to connect the computer in a way easy and automatically detected after connecting it, although it can also bewireless and connect with Bluetooth.


Obviously, in addition to a good image you will have a good sound, not being able to hear what one of the members of a meeting says is not only desperate but is inefficient. Although your computer or your camera probably has an integrated microphone, we recommend using an external microphone to improve audio quality, virtually any microphone will increase the quality of the audio, whether it's wireless or in a headset format.



It must be modern and with a minimum screen size of 17 inches. Here we have to take into account different aspects:

  • Display type: a modern monitor is one that is flat screen, LCD or TFT (the tube monitors or CRT were very popular until the 90's, where the LCDs emerged that ended up taking over).

  • Screen resolution: If you have a modern flat screen monitor, you most likely have the appropriate screen resolution to make the video conference. However, we recommend a minimum of 1920x1080 resolution to ensure a good visualization.

  • The size of the screen: size is important for convenience when conducting the videoconferencing and, although not determinant, we recommend that the screen be a minimum size of 17 inches to ensure correct visualization.

  • With integrated camera:we have already said, it is not essential but advisable to avoid problems and comfort.

Updated operating system

Be it Mac or PC, even if it is not essential to make a video conference, it is recommended that the operating system be updated to the latest versions to avoid problems. 

2. Good internet connection.

In a videoconferencing, it is especially easy to share information from the computer and to be able to ensure that all those involved are present at the meeting, which facilitates and advances faster in decision-making. 
    • If you can have a OPTICAL FIBER network much better, it is increasingly the most common choice in companies and individuals and will favor the Speed and quality of visualization, avoiding cuts.

  • Also, make sure your computer / device is well linked to the network, preferably from a network cable that you link it directly to the modem. So make sure you do not have connection problems.

3. A silent and private space.

Although it is not essential, if you can make video conferencing in a space where there are no other environmental noises, it will be much easier to listen correctly and without distortions.

4. Good lighting.

So that the image looks sharp and does not give rise to confusion, it is important that there is a good ambient illumination.


In summary, to be able to make a successful videoconferencing, you do not have to pay a large amount of money, we just have to make sure you have a modern and updated device (both the device and the screen), some coupled devices should the image be improved and the quality of the audio and a good internet connection. If we manage to have a team with these characteristics we can make video conferences without problems and use all the possibilities for the improvement of the business that they provide us.

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