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Pasqual Flores 22 January, 2019 1 minutes of reading
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DigitalMakers, when becoming a partner agency of Hubspot in Barcelona, makes a new qualitative leap in the service it offers its customers.

DigitalMakers continues to work with the same goal as usual, to help companies to grow through digital channels. This is and will always be his reason for being. But by becoming a Hubspot partner, it significantly multiplies its power and effectiveness.

Thanks to the accompaniment that is being carried out by Hubspot through the on boarding processes, the Learning Center and the certification system; DigitalMakers is strengthening, updating and homogenizing the skills, both of its current human team and of new additions.

Also, for the last few months, DigitalMakers is already applying the new work dynamics with very good results.

Do not forget, Hubspot is much more than just a tool. Hubspot is a method, it’s community and it’s a tool..

Method. The Inbound method is embedded and multiplies the effectiveness of the already common method of DigitalMakers. Inbound is a method to attract, engage and delight people to grow a business that provides value and generates trust.

Community. For Hubspot, as for DigitalMakers, sharing knowledge is key. This fact allows the team to add to a global movement where to grow business by digital channels is the focus.

Tool. Hubspot is a supervitamin CRM that gives shape to the Inbound methodology, based on customer knowledge (buyer persona), designing conversion paths and working for the automation that makes scalability possible.

Do not hesitate, contact one of our consultants! We will be happy to assist you, listen to you and advise you the best for your specific case.

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Pasqual Flores
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