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What is the Ideal Client Profile?

Jordi Prat 25 July, 2019 2 minutes of reading
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In this article we will explain the concept and advantages of defining your Customer Profile.

As a company that sells services or products to other companies (b2b), we are interested in knowing who we should address and how to sell more.

The first important point is to define the Buyer Person to know to which individual we should focus the message and how to show the added value of our product or service.

The second point, which concerns us in this article, is to define the Ideal Client Profile. In the same way as the buyer person, knowing which company we should impact is vital to have good economic results. In this exercise, what we try to find out is what is the ideal company typology for our business, answering a few simple questions.

Ask yourself a question, when you communicate to your customers either through graphic material, the web or the mailings, do you use the same content?

Spoiler: If the answer is yes, surely you are interested in doing this exercise to make your impacts much more efficient and effective.



How do I define my Ideal Client Profile?

If you are still reading it means that you are interested in making your Ideal Customer Profile, so let's get to the point.

First step, define which companies we will have as a reference

In order to select the set of companies that will help us make the Ideal Customer Profile, we have prepared a series of questions that will help you determine them.

  • Which companies are the most profitable customers?
  • Does the customer pay within our acceptable collection period?
  • Do we like to work for this client? Is the job done?
  • Does the client provide us with positive and constructive comments?
  • Does it provide us with a high ROI delivering the requested services?


Answer the questions based on the selected companies

Now, let's define it. Use the following questions to define the type of companies to which you want to direct your marketing and sales strategy.

  • What sector does it belong to?
  • The number of employees you have?
  • What annual income do you have?
  • What kind of customers do you have?
  • Where is it located?
  • What have you bought us?
  • What charge does the person who bought us have?
  • What is the customer's life cycle?
  • What are your pain points?
  • How has our product solved the pain points?
  • What feeling does our company wake you up?


Challenge #askdigitalmakers


What objective is pursued?

Message Customization

If you detect in the process of defining the Profile Client that you can open different market paths in differentiated sectors or in types of companies, you can create specific content on the web or in graphic support that correctly impacts the client.

Creation of content

When offering your services or products, it is important to know how you are interested in the company you come to hire or buy. It may be interesting for example to package your services.


Impact on segmented mailings by sector or type of business improves the openings and clicks. You can create lists based on the Customer Profile that you have defined and communicate according to a frequency and with content that the client finds interesting.

Sale process

Being clear about your Customer Profile will help you assess the sales strategy if you have defined parameters such as the customer's life cycle, budget, pain points, etc.


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