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How to better position my company videos on YouTube?

Victor Garcia 24 January, 2020 2 minutes of reading
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On multiple occasions our clients have asked us about how to better position their company videos on YouTube. In this article, therefore, we want to show some tips that help companies better position their company videos on YouTube.

Define the keywords that describe my channel

To better position our company videos on YouTube we must start by asking ourselves the following questions: what is the semantic field that defines my content? Don't be scared of this question. It is perhaps the most important and with which we will get the tools necessary to start positioning our channel.

To make everything more specific, we will use a hypothetical channel to answer these questions. Imagine that our channel is related to travel.


Brainstorming of concepts related to my channel

What words relate to this content? When we travel we make flights, we ride in planes, trains, ships, we make tours , routes, we use suitcases, we pack clothes, we see symbolic buildings, etc. The more extensive the list the better, all these words and concepts will help us a lot when it comes to generating valuable content that responds to what users look for on YouTube . Some possible titles with these words would be:

  • How to find the cheapest flights.
    • This theme allows us to even specify countries to improve the quality of audience retention and even flight search engines to campaign with companies.
  • Which are the most comfortable trains for a long trip.
    • As in the previous case, we can cover countless variables on this topic, including companies.
  • What cruises are there in the Mediterranean.
  • The most famous routes to do in the United States.
  • Best suitcase quality price to travel.
    • More resistant suitcase, opinion, review, many interesting variables and with campaign options.
  • The best way to pack clothes for a trip.
  • The places you can't miss if you go to London.

We have only put an example per word but as you can see we could easily find more than 100 interesting and useful content for our hypothetical audience.


Challenge #askdigitalmakers


Study how keywords worked on YouTube

Then, with this brainstorming we can do two things: as I said just now we are ready to start generating valuable content for our future subscribers, but we are also ready to study how they have worked the other channels (our competition) the videos related to those themes.


Estudiar cómo han funcionado las palabras clave en YouTube


To do this, we will search YouTube for the titles we have previously generated and see how they worked on other channels. We will look at the videos with more visits and study the title they have used as well as the thumbnail, description and keywords.

With this information we can generate content that relates to these videos that already have many visits, often even placing them above if we propose.

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