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Tools to edit video marketing in an effective, fast and free way

Oriol Escofet 13 November, 2019 3 minutes of reading
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In a previous article we explained how you could make a video from your marketing department without the need for large resources but obtaining some great results. This time, following the thread, we'll talk about the tools you can use to edit a video marketing, with the aim of making simple assemblies that will help you complete a good video that will allow you to directly impact your buyer person.


What do you need to edit a video?

When creating a video you can find that you have to do it from photos or from other videos previously recorded. For example, you may have found that you need to make a video catalog of the products of your company, joining pictures of different products and adding descriptive texts and an audio piece, or in another case you can find for example that You want to make a video of different customers explaining your experience with your service or product by highlighting what value you contribute as a brand. First of all, they look like two very different things but you will see that the tools that we present will help you to do both types of video and others that you need, in a fast and effective way.

What you need to keep in mind before you start is that in order to edit a video, you need to have a clear idea to transmit to impact your personal buyer, look for the graphic elements that you will use (videos, photos, audios), develop texts that you enter in the video and finally choose a software that allows you to do the editing, this last point is what we will refer to below.


Programs to edit videos

In the market we can find plenty of programs that allow the editing of videos, in this article we will focus on free and user-friendly programs that can help you to do basic actions such as adding your logo, adding a text or an audio. They also allow you to perform actions such as cutting or uniting different videos, thus obtaining a professional result with a very small investment resources.


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Here are some examples you can use:


Windows Movie Maker

It is a video editing software that came installed by default in Windows versions and was therefore free. Unfortunately Windows has stopped supporting this program and Windows 10 is no longer available, but if you have a previous version, you can still use it. This software allows basic editions in a very simple way, you can join videos, cut them, add transitions, audios, photographs, etc ... and then export them with different levels of quality, adapt them to the use you want them give, for example, upload them to the YouTube channel.



For those of you who are Mac users, there is also a free program that allows for a simple editing of videos, it is the iMovie that has the advantage that it can be used on mobile devices that have an iOS operating system, such as the Iphone or Ipad. This program also allows you to easily perform all the basic functionalities you may need to create a marketing video and export it to make the use it deems appropriate.



It is an open source software, totally free and available for Windows, Max and Linux. It has a very simple use and allows you to perform all the basic functions of video editing as well as export to the main formats such as avi or mp4, in a short time you can have a video mounted with a good result. It is also a program that does not consume large resources so you can even run it with unattended computers. It has the main disadvantages of the few filters and effects it includes, but if you do not need them, it is an ideal tool.


VSDC Video Editor

VSDC is a very good tool for editing and mounting videos with advanced effects in a very simple way. Additionally, it also has the options of capturing the screen or recording from the webcam if you need, for example, to make product demos or record presentations. In spite of being so complete it does not require great knowledge in video editing, with a fairly short learning curve, good content can be produced. This software has a PRO version, but with the free version you have all the necessary tools to make a basic edition and export it in the formats you may need.



If you have a little more knowledge or concerns about the issue of video production and you need more professional videos, a program that you can use is Shotcut. It is an open source software, available for free for all platforms, Windows, Mac, and Linux. The main feature of Shotcut is the infinity of filters and options, but this also involves an obstacle, the interface of the program is more complex and requires a longer period of adaptation in order to exploit all its options.


From Digitalmakers, we advise you to get started in the creation of videos starting with one of the first three, especially Openshot if you have Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. These are three very simple publishers, which will allow you to start generating videos with a good result , without losing too much time and without the necessity of economic investment in licenses.

So far our article on basic and free video editing programs, we hope you have been helpful and you are encouraged to try some of them and above all to help you achieve your business company goals.

And if you have any further questions that we can resolve, ask us what you need!

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