What is a Web Data Entry?

Pasqual Flores 05 April, 2018 3 minutes of reading
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Maybe you do not know yet what you need. Or they have told you that you need it but you do not know for what purpose. Be that as it may, in this article we tell you what a Web Data Entry does, as we understand it in DigitalMakers, and why it could be useful for your business.

Difference between a Data Entry and a Web Data Entry

A Data Entry is a person who is professionally dedicated to enter data in some information system. Specifically in the digital field, in DigitalMakers we understand that a Web Data Entry is that professional who is dedicated to entering data in some digital information system.

The Web Data Entry service is a regular service that we offer and carry out in the different projects that we develop and execute in DigitalMakers.

All companies, to achieve their business objectives, must manage content and this is when the figure of Web Data Entry comes in, if necessary.

Next we explored the following points on the figure of the Web Data Entry:

Main function of a Web Data Entry

The main function of a Web Data Entry profile is always to dump the data from a source information source to a destination information source.

The data to dump can be varied, but in general we refer to videos, images or texts.

The sources of information can also be diverse, but mainly we have excel sheets, DVDs containing images or videos, web content managers (for example, wordpress, joomla, Opencms, drupal, etc), ERP’s, CRM’s, e-commerce, etc.

What skills should a Web Data Entry profile have?

As in all professions, the work of a Web Data Entry must be well done, and it must be reliable. Therefore, a Web Data Entry must be a methodical, rigorous person, and must have skills to work as a team.

A Web Data Entry must be a methodical, rigorous person and must have skills to work as a team.

Let’s analyze each skill in depth:

  • Methodical. We say that you must be a methodical person, because normally you have to face projects with a high degree of iteration. For example, you have to retouch 1,000 articles of a blog to incorporate their corresponding video in each one. Therefore you will have to repeat the same task at least 1,000 times. It is important to be clear about the method to be executed and if it has to be perfected in order to be as efficient as possible. In this way we reduce the time spent and, consequently, the cost of the project.
  • Rigorous. If we execute a task 1,000 times, the 1,000 times must be done rigorously, as expected. We can not allow that of the 1,000 200 items to have errors.
  • Skills to work as a team. In the process of content dumping, it is very likely that some aspects have to be adjusted. Especially in the initial phases, where the work method is being developed and then repeated until it is finalized. For example: if we are dumping DVD videos to a video platform, courses in the cloud, it will not be the same:
    • 1. Copy from the DVD to the hard drive, and from the hard drive upload it to the cloud. This process can imply that each DVD takes approximately one hour.
    • 2. First determine what tasks can be left active at night, to be more effective during office hours.

In this regard, it is important to talk with the team leader to determine what options we have for, during the first 10 iterations, to find the most effective method and apply it in the remaining 990.

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What knowledge should a Web Data Entry profile have?

It will depend on each case, but basically:

  • Knowledge of Office (word, excel, etc).
  • Knowledge of content management at user level (wordpress, drupal, Opencms, prestashop, etc).

In some cases it will also be helpful if you have basic knowledge of HTML.

What a Web Data Entry does NOT do

A Web Data Entry takes the content of the source source and dumps it directly into the destination source. It does what we would popularly say: a “copy & paste”.

In principle, it makes absolutely no change. In case you update it is following very clear and defined guidelines.

But a Web Data Entry never does actions like:

  • Check spelling.
  • Apply changes in the content with knowledge criterion.
  • Translations.
  • Video editing.
  • Etc.

If we had these needs we would already be talking about other profiles, such as: translators, copywriters, video editors, webmasters, etc.

Now that you have clearer the concept of Web Data Entry, you can reflect on if you need this figure for your business. Remember that having a Web Data Entry is especially useful in all content dump projects where automation is not possible.

As always, from DigitalMakers we want to help you make your business more profitable. To answer any questions or ask us for advice, you can write us.

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