WhatsApp Business as a communication tool for companies

Oriol Escofet 05 December, 2019 3 minutes of reading
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As a marketing manager, you know that you should never dismiss any communication tool with the client and less if it helps you convert the sales opportunities that are presented to you.

In a world where decisions are made in a few minutes and where buyers can access a large amount of information, giving a quick response to any questions that may arise to a customer is of great importance. According to a Harvard study, 95% of purchasing decisions are made unconsciously, and factors such as offering close, personalized and agile contact have a great emotional impact on the buyer persona, making him see us with better eyes.

Precisely in the line of applications that facilitate immediate customer service, we present WhatsApp Business.


WhatsApp Business

How many times do you use WhatsApp a day? Probably many. And your buyer persona? I am convinced that too. In fact, according to the Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia (CNMC), more than 60% of citizens of the state use instant messaging services every day, while only 25% use the Mobile phone to make calls.

In line with facilitating customer service through instant messaging, WhatsApp launched in 2018, WhatsApp Business, an application designed primarily for SMEs and aimed at customer service. Being able to talk with your buyer person using an application close to him, where he feels comfortable, being able to direct you with a nearby language, being able to send audios, videos or Emoji, which generate a friendly and warm experience, is a very good way to give him the point confident enough to end up using the services of the company or buying their products.


How does WhatsApp Business work?

The operation of the WhatsApp Business is very simple, it practically does not change with respect to the way the WhatsApp works that we all know. But there are a number of things to consider. From DigitalMakers we summarize them in these points:


  • A phone number for the application

    To manage WhatsApp Business you need a phone number for the application, you cannot share it with your WhatsApp staff.

  • Configuration of the basic data of the company

    Once the application is downloaded and installed you can configure the basic data of the company, put a photo or logo, a description, the working hours, website and address, do it carefully, it is the letter of presentation of your business.

  • Automatic welcome and absence message settings

    An advantage that the application allows is to configure welcome and absence messages that are sent automatically. The welcome message allows you to make a friendly and instant reception when a customer tells you something; You can take the opportunity to greet him, thank him for the message and inform him of an approximate response time. You can configure the absence message to send, for example, outside working hours, in this case you can inform the client of your schedule and give you an idea of when you will receive your response.

  • Sorting with tags and segmentations

    You can add tags and segmentations that allow you to sort your chats and customers based on the type of requests they make, this will allow you to have a more orderly workspace.

  • Creation of broadcast lists

    The lists have a a maximum of 256 users and allow you to send advertising or interest messages to your customers that they will receive individually, without knowing that they are part of a list. For this reason we advise you that although the messages are sent to a group, you give them a close language. 

Important: A user who is part of a broadcast list will only receive your message if they have added the WhatsApp phone number among their contacts, therefore we advise you to always include the recommendation to your customers to write to them first. This way it includes you among your contacts and you can impact them with the lists.


  • It allows to make a catalog of products

    WhatsApp Business it allows you to make a catalog of products, take advantage of it to provide information to your buyer person, I'm sure you appreciate having it.

  • Importance of the legal issue

    Always keep in mind the legal issue, treat your clients' data with responsibility, do not saturate them with messages, making a rational and responsible use of the tool, which will surely help you achieve your business objectives.

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