How to act before a canceled face-to-face event

Miriam Huerta 29 April, 2020 3 minutes of reading
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Many companies have been forced to postpone or even cancel face-to-face events they had planned to hold these weeks because of the coronavirus. To try to mitigate the impact that this supposes, is working in formulas, that of digital form allow to arrive to the customers the novelties of the products. One of the initiatives that many organizations are opting for is streaming.

In this article we will talk about how to act before a canceled face-to-face event and how you can make a presentation of a new service through the digital channel.

What streaming is and what tools you need to do it

Basically, streaming is about recording a live event, and showing it to the public via video. This allows us to increase the repercussion and dissemination of the event in question, also adding to our image more modernity and innovation.

If you've never done a live broadcast, you may think it's complicated and needs a lot of tools, but nothing could be further from the truth. To stream you only need three basic tools: a computer or mobile phone, a camera (which can be the same computer or mobile or an external one with HD quality) and a stable internet connection.


What are the benefits of streaming

We have already mentioned some of the main advantages of making online presentations, in these points we go a little deeper:


  • Increased diffusion

    Making a digital presentation allows it to be viewed from anywhere in the world and from any device. In addition, the event can be recorded and uploaded to the web or social media and can be viewed deferred as many times as desired. All together will allow an increase in the dissemination of the presentation.


  • Economic tool and new income generation

    Whether the event is external or internal, doing it online will allow you to save on organization costs, as well as avoid travel, as people will be able to follow it for free from the your home and finally you can monetize the events, adding banners or transferring the rights to pages interested in relaying it.


  • Get to know and communicate to the audience

    The Internet allows us to track the data of viewers viewing the event. In addition, being live, we can make a more direct and personalized communication, both with established customers and with leads that we can later become customers. A good practice that encourages interaction is to invite viewers to ask questions live, these will help you give customers a much more personalized resolution and show that you care about solving their doubts.


  • Commitment to customers

    Even if the event has been canceled, the fact that you are looking for a way to show the public your news and make them share in your actions will show them that the company is committed to them.


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How to prepare a digital channel event?

Obviously there are differences between preparing a face-to-face and a digital event, but not as many as it may seem. Here are some important points to keep in mind when preparing for the event:


  • Prepare the presentation in depth

    It is essential to structure in an understandable way the script of everything that is meant to avoid making mistakes or leaving information, it is recommended to prepare visual material to show customers, a presentation in images, videos, etc. Let them help make the message more understandable. Not having an audience in front does not mean that the event is more informal.


  • Prepare the environment, watch the lighting

    People who attend the presentation virtually must find a suitable setting, watch the lighting especially if an event is being prepared from the office or from home. Try not to see items that distract the viewer.


  • Choose a platform for the transmission

    There are many streaming platforms today, some free and some paid. Some of the most used are Livestream, YoutubeLive, Vimeo, FacebookLive or Zoom. Choose the one that is most suitable for you and your customers.


  • Test before the event

    It is always advisable to do a test before the main event, to check that everything is working properly and to be able to predict possible problems.


  • Advertise the event

    As we said, being virtual opens up a lot of people who can go there. Consider creating an advertising campaign to attract as many viewers as possible, whether through social media posts, a landing page promoting it or banners on your (or other) websites.


We hope this article allows you to lose the fear of making a digital presentation. Remember to follow our #continuemtreballant articles where we want to help you with some issues that may arise during this time we work remotely.

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