How to share with value the content of your business in the social networks

Miriam Huerta 29 November, 2019 3 minutes of reading
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One of the most efficient ways to sell your products or services is to share your news with your customers. In order to give all the value we can to the content we generate on the websites, we must take advantage of all the tools we have at our disposal. As we speak in the previous article, social networks (RRSS) can be A great ally to make your company more visible and provide quality traffic on the web.

To carry out this deployment in an efficient manner, a perfectly defined course must be followed. The three main points to consider, would be: planning, tools and results.



In whatever goal you want to achieve, planning is a key and essential point. Before making publications in any medium, the essential thing is that you think carefully about a content marketing plan, which includes what results you want to obtain. Therefore, it is positive to consider a series of guidelines to follow, for the content you will share:


  • Objectives: What objectives do you pursue?

The first thing you have to raise are the objectives you intend to achieve: increased visits to the web, greater visibility of the brand, promotion of products and services, reaching potential customers...


  • Public: What type of customer is it aimed at?

Define which audience you want to focus on the information you will share, what is the ideal type of customer that you are really interested in publicizing your products or services. If you are not sure how to get here, we recommend you read the article that talks about what the buyer persona and how to generate it.


  • Value content: What do you want to share?

Although advertising your products is important, it is not everything in the USSR. It is also necessary that the content you share is an original content, that gives you value and is interesting for the user. This will help you build loyalty and meet customers and become a powerful conversion tool.


  • Efficient means: What is the most effective way to share it?

Now that you know what audience and what your goals are, it will be easier for you to use social media effectively. It is not necessary that you have an account in each social network, choose the ones that really help you achieve the goals and audience you are looking for. For example, Facebook is a plural and informal network, and LinkedIn is almost exclusive to a professional audience.


The previous tips will help you to have a starting point, from which to start, and make your content generate good results.



Now that you have clearer the previous steps to share your content, we want to give you a hand so that you know how to get to share the content of your website in RRSS effectively with these 4 tips.


  • Add your social networks to your website

You can put some icons that link to your main RRSS. The vast majority of web templates have already implemented a customizable icon design, usually placed at the top or bottom of the web, to connect your social networks.


  • Invite users to share your content

The share button will help you turn your visitors into brand ambassadors, in this way you will build a better relationship with your user community. By pressing the share button, visitors can write a message accompanying a link to your content and publish it in their RRSS, which will generate two things: that the user participates in your actions and, in addition, that your actions have more traffic. 


  • The importance of a like

Apart from sharing the content you generate, many social networks also incorporate the like button. The reaction of the users helps the search engines to know that the content is of quality, which will boost the positioning of your website in the search engines and will also be a good indicator to optimize your investment in online ads. 


  • Make your publications visible on the web

You can also add some social media blocks to your website that show the publications made on social networks, so it allows you to generate a synergy between the web and the social media profile. The different social networks have implemented solutions that will help you to be able to do it, in addition, there are many plugins that will help you to achieve it in a simple way.


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The results

If the previous steps have been done correctly, you should see positive results in the near future. The last step to confirm your efforts is to use one of the statistical tools within the wide range that you can find on the web. 

From DigitalMakers we recommend two in particular, the most popular: Google Analytics and Hubspot. This last platform has many more features besides being able to see the metrics of your content, and it can give you a lot of play in making other marketing actions much more productive. Anyway, either of these two will help you see if there is a problem that prevents you from achieving your desired results, or if your planning has allowed you to reach the goal you wanted to achieve. 

We hope these tips will be of great help to improve your presence in the most influential networks. If you want to continue being informed of more news and interesting tips, subscribe to our newsletter to not miss anything!

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